Preschool Kindergarten

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1 Preschool Kindergarten Objectives CCSS Reading: Foundational Skills RF.K.1.D: Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet. RF.K.3.A: Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-toone letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant. CCSS Reading: Language L.K.1.A: Print many upper- and lowercase letters. S Materials Needed Alphabet letter cards (upper- and lowercase) The Letter Song Scissors Preparation Choose two or three letters you would like to focus on for this lesson. Print and cut out enough alphabet letter cards for all students to have one upper- and one lowercase letter card of each letter. Procedure 1. Hold up one card at a time and invite students to help you identify the letter. Point out that letters can be either uppercase or lowercase, and that you will be looking at both types of letters. 2. Tell students, Each letter in our alphabet not only has a name, but it also makes its own sound! Can anyone tell me what sound this letter makes? (If needed, model a response such as, For example, the letter S makes a sssssss sound. ) 3. After you have introduced each letter (in both upper- and lowercase forms), display all the cards together. 4. Say one of the letter names and ask a volunteer to identify the upper- and lowercase forms of that letter and hold them up for the class. 5. Repeat until students have matched all the printed upper- and lowercase letters. Guided Practice 1. Give each student a copy of the alphabet letter cards. 2. Tell students you are going to use the letters while you stand in a circle and sing The Letter Song (to the tune of Frère Jacques ). 3. Show your students the song and demonstrate the melody and motions to them hiding their letters behind their backs, shaking their letters in a circle in front of them and leaning forward to briefly touch their letters to the floor. For the last two lines of the song, students should make the shape of the letter in the air as they say Lakeshore

2 the sound the letter makes. 4. Say a letter name (specifying upper- or lowercase) and invite students to select that letter and sing aloud with you as they go through the motions. For example: Letter S, letter S, (Find the correct letter.) Where are you? Where are you? (Hide the letter behind your back.) Shake it all around, (Shake the letter in a circle.) Touch it to the ground! (Touch the letter to the floor.) Sss sss sss! (Make the shape of the letter in the air while Sss sss sss! saying the letter sound.) Independent Practice 1. Give each student a copy of The Letter Song. 2. Have students use their letter cards to complete the song by filling in the blanks with that letter. Encourage students to use their best printing. Extension Activity Repeat this lesson periodically, using two or three of the remaining letters of the alphabet each time. Lakeshore

3 A B C a b c

4 D E F d e f

5 G H I g h i

6 J K L j k l

7 M N O m n o

8 P Q R p q r

9 S T U s t u

10 V W X v w x

11 Y Z y z

12 Name: Lakeshore