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1 K E R N E R M A N S E M I - B I L I N G U A L D I C T I O N A R I E S THE Ideal ENGLISH DICTIONARY for Swedish speakers 4

2 Innehåll Preface, förord 3 Guide till ordboken 4 Ljudskrift 7 The Ideal English Dictionary 9 for Swedish speakers Brevmallar 683 Fakta om några engelsktalande länder 685 Mått och vikt 687 Geografiska namn 688 Fackuttryck inom musik, dans, teater 689 och idrott Ord och uttryck om Sverige på engelska 701 Svensk-engelskt register 702 Preface The Ideal English Dictionary for Swedish speakers is a new type of dictionary which reflects recent developments in modern language teaching. By being semi-bilingual that is, translating headwords only, meaning by meaning this dictionary solves problems of mother-tongue interference. At the same time, it enhances clarity and comprehension, and dispels uncertainty and misunderstanding. The simple explanations and the useful example sentences and phrases encourage reading and thereby foster thinking in English. This, together with its user-friendly presentation, make The Ideal English Dictionary an active learning tool which represents a genuine advance in pedagogic lexicography. Lionel Kernerman, Password Publishers Förord The Ideal English Dictionary bygger på ordboksprojektet Kernerman Semi-Bilingual Dictionaries som getts ut i många länder under namnet Password. I The Ideal English Dictionary är alla uppslagsorden översatta till svenska, medan förklaringar och exempel står på engelska. Dessutom har The Ideal English Dictionary ett svensk-engelskt register. Det som först och främst skiljer denna ordbok från andra, är att den helt enkelt kombinerar en tvåspråkig ordbok med en enspråkig. Lärare och elever behöver således inte längre välja mellan fördelarna med den ena eller den andra typen utan får i The Ideal English Dictionary fördelarna hos båda typerna. Att översätta uppslagsorden, betydelse för betydelse, löser problemet med s k interference, bekräftar förståelsen och undviker missförstånd. Samtidigt uppmuntras läsaren av de tydliga förklaringarna och användbara exemplen att läsa och tänka på engelska. The Ideal English Dictionary är avpassad för svenska förhållanden, med tanke på det ordförråd som elever möter i engelskundervisningen och som svensktalande i övrigt har behov av. Malmö, hösten 1999 David Whitling Kommentar till de svenska översättningarna I The Ideal English Dictionary förklaras ordens grundbetydelser och nyanser tydligt. Varje betydelse översätts för sig och jag har ibland tagit med synonymer, dock sällan fler än tre. Det är alltid att föredra att läsa den engelska ordförklaringen och exemplifieringen tillsammans med den svenska översättningen. Genom att använda boken på det här sättet kommer läsaren att märka att hon eller han vid uppsökandet av ett ord ofta lär sig mer än den svenska betydelsen, som ett slags bonus om man så vill. Här får man ordens olika betydelser, dels förklarade på engelska och dels insatta i ett sammanhang. Dessutom som en tredje hjälp och bekräftelse på att man har förstått, en svensk översättning av uppslagsordet. Det svensk-engelska registret är tänkt att fungera som en sökmotor till huvuddelen snarare än som en självständig ordlista. Det ska hjälpa användaren att hitta rätt i ordboken och utnyttja den till fullo. Göteborg, i augusti 1999 Per Stern 5

3 he d he d see have, would. hedge [hedʒ] noun a line of bushes etc planted so closely together that their branches form a solid mass, grown round the edges of gardens, fields etc. häck verb 1 to avoid giving a clear answer to a question. göra (komma med) undanflykter 2 (with in or off) to enclose (an area of land) with a hedge. plantera en häck omkring hedgehog noun a small brown prickly-backed animal. igelkott hedgerow [-rəυ] noun a row of bushes forming a hedge, especially in the country. busk-, trädhäck heed [hi d] verb to pay attention to: She refused to heed my warning; Heed what I say! lyssna till, fästa avseende vid, bry sig om heedful adjective (with of) paying attention to; responding to: heedful of danger. uppmärksam heedless adjective (especially with of) careless; paying no attention: Heedless of the danger, she ran into the burning building to rescue the girl. obekymrad om heedlessly adverb. obekymrat pay heed to, take heed of: Take heed of my warning; She paid no heed to me. se heed heel [hi l] noun 1 the back part of the foot: I have a blister on my heel. häl 2 the part of a sock etc that covers this part of the foot: I have a hole in the heel of my sock. häl 3 the part of a shoe, boot etc under or round the heel of the foot: The heel has come off this shoe. häl, klack verb 1 to put a heel on (a shoe etc). klacka 2 (usually with over) (of ships) to lean to one side: The boat heeled over in the strong wind. kränga, få slagsida -heeled: high-heeled shoes. -klackade at/on one s heels close behind one: The thief ran off with the policeman close on his heels. i hälarna, hack i häl kick one s heels to be kept waiting: I was left kicking my heels for half an hour. få stå och vänta, slå dank take to one s heels to run away: The thief took to his heels. lägga benen på ryggen to heel (of dogs etc) at a person s heel: You must teach your dog to walk to heel in a busy street. [gå] fot turn on one s heel to turn one s back (and walk off). vända på klacken hefty [ hefti] adjective 1 (of people) big and strong: Her husband is pretty hefty. stöddig, bastant 2 (of punches etc) powerful: a hefty kick. kraftig, tung heifer [ hefə] noun a young cow. kviga height [hait] noun 1 the distance from the bottom to the top of something: What is the height of this building?; She is 1.75 metres in height. höjd, längd 2 the highest, greatest, strongest etc point: She is at the height of her career; The storm was at its height. höjd, höjdpunkt, kulmen 3 the peak or extreme: dressed in the height of fashion; His actions were the height of folly. högsta, höjden 4 a high place: We looked down from the heights at the valley beneath us. höjd, kulle, topp heighten verb 1 to make or become higher: to heighten the garden wall. höja, bli högre 2 to increase (an effect, etc). [för]höja, öka, stiga, tillta heir [eə] feminine heiress noun a person who by law receives wealth, property etc when the owner dies: A person s eldest son is usually his heir; A king s eldest son is the heir to the throne. arvinge, arvtagare heirloom [-lu m] noun something valuable that has been handed down in a family from generation to generation: This brooch is a family heirloom. släktklenod, arvegods held see hold. helicopter [ helikɒptə] noun a flying-machine kept in the air by large propellers fixed on top of it which go round very fast. helikopter helium [ hi liəm] noun an element, a very light gas which does not burn and which is used eg in balloons. helium hell [hel] noun (according to some religions) the place or state of punishment of the wicked after death with much pain, misery etc. helvete[t] for the hell of it for no particular reason; just for fun: The boys said they had set fire to the house just for the hell of it. för skojs skull, på jävelskap hell bent on determined on: I ve told him it will be dangerous, but he s hellbent on going. absolut inställd på, fast besluten he ll see will. hello, hallo, hullo [hə ləυ] interjections, nouns a word used as a greeting, to attract attention, or to express surprise: Say hello to your aunt; Hullo, I said to myself, What s going on here? hej!, hallå!, vad nu då? helm [helm] noun the wheel or handle by which a ship is steered: She asked me to take the helm (= steer the ship). roder, rorkult helmsman [ helmz-] noun a person who steers a ship. rorgängare, rorsman helmet [ helmit] noun a metal, leather etc covering to protect the head: Soldiers wear helmets when fighting. hjälm help [help] verb 1 to do something with or for someone that he cannot do alone, or that he will find useful: Will you help me with this translation?; Will you please help me (to) translate this poem?; Can I help?; He fell down and I helped him up. hjälpa [till] 2 to play a part in something; to improve or advance: Bright posters will help to attract the public to the exhibition; Good exam results will help his chances of a job. bidra till, förbättra 3 to make less bad: An aspirin will help your headache. hjälpa mot 4 to serve (a person) in a shop: Can I help you, sir? hjälpa 5 (with can(not), could (not)) to be able not to do something or to prevent something: He looked so funny that I couldn t help laughing; Can I help it if it rains? låta bli, rå för, hjälpa noun 1 the act of helping, or the result of this: Can you give me some help?; Your digging the garden was a big help; Can I be of help to you? hjälp 2 someone or something that is useful: You re a great help to me. hjälp 3 a servant, farm worker etc: She has hired a new help. hemhjälp, dräng 4 (usually with no) a way of preventing something: Even if you don t want to do it, the decision has been made there s 6

4 Guide till The Ideal English Dictionary Uppslagsordet, tydligt utmärkt Uttal/fonetisk skrift inom hakparenteser Ordklass kursiv Avledningar och uttryck står efter grundordet. Olika betydelser numrerade i fetstil Förklaring på engelska Exempel/uttryck kursiv Svensk översättning i grå fetstil. Varje betydelse översätts för sig. Uttal och markering av betoning Stavelse med huvudbetoning (primary stress) har betoningstecknet / / före stavelsen. Stavelse med sekundär betoning (secondary stress) har betoningstecknet / / före stavelsen. Under ett uppslagsord står betoningsmarkeringen i den fonetiska texten. Vid avledningar är betoningen markerad på själva uppslagsordet, och den fonetiska skriften visar bara det som ev. skiljer sig från huvuduppslagsordet. Ental och flertal av substantiv Substantiv som har andra ändelser i flertal än bara -s, visas med pluralformerna. -y ändras till -i före -es: authority [ɔ ɒrəti] plural authorities noun 1 the power or right to do something: She gave me authority to act on her behalf. [laga] rätt, befogenhet oregelbunden pluralform: child [tʃaild] plural children noun 1 a young human being of either sex: barn ändelsen -es efter o: potato [pə teitəυ] plural potatoes noun 1 a type of plant with round underground stems (called tubers) which are used as a vegetable. potatis Verb Preteritum och perfekt particip av oregelbundna verb visas efter uppslagsformen i infintiv. Avvikelser från huvudregeln i böjning av regelbundna verb visas också. bring [briŋ] past tense, past participle brought [brɔ t] verb 1 to make (someone or something) come (to or towards a place): I ll bring plenty of food; Bring him to me! komma med, ta med sig, ha med sig Olika betydelser av samma ord Varje ny betydelse är numrerad i fetstil. När samma ord kan tillhöra olika ordklasser, är ändringen av ordklass markerad med en svart fyrkant. Se uppslaget till vänster. Avledningar och uttryck Avledningar och idiomatiska uttryck står under grundordet. Se uppslaget till vänster. Korsreferenser Korsreferenser står alltid på alfabetisk plats och hänvisar till resp. ställe för uppslagsordet. Brittiska och amerikanska former Olika stavning, uttal eller betydelse av samma ord visas. Olika stavning: aeroplane [ eərəplein] noun (often abbreviated to plane: American airplane) a machine for flying which is heavier than air and has wings. flygplan Olika uttal: advertisement [əd v tismənt, (American) dvətaizmənt ] noun (also ad [ d], advert [ dv t] a film, newspaper announcement, poster etc annons, reklam Olika ord för samma sak: boot [bu t] noun 1 a covering for the foot 2 (American trunk) a place for luggage in a motor-car etc. bagage[utrymme] trunk [trvŋk] noun 1 the main stem of a tree 2 5 (American) a boot (of a car): Put your baggage in the trunk bagage[utrymme] 7

5 Alternativ stavning Alternativa stavningar av samma ord står efter varandra. Femininum och maskulinum av yrkesbenämningar och titlar Feminina och maskulina former visas där det är aktuellt. Se heir, heiress på föregående uppslag. Problemord Inramade texter ger ytterligare förklaringar till problemord, t ex: advice is a noun and never used in the plural: to give advice/a piece of advice/some advice. advise is a verb: She advises us not to go. Svensk-engelska registret Denna del är en ordlista i tre spalter med överskådlig layout. De svenska uppslagsorden är tydligt markerade. Bläddra tillbaka till den engelsk-svenska delen för att finna nyanserade betydelser och exempel! För att få största möjliga utbyte av ordboken är det viktigt att ta sig tid till detta. Slår man upp t ex ordet god hittar man benevolent, good, healthy, hearty som översättningar. Då söker man i den engelsk-svenska delen de förklaringarna och exempel som hjälper till att skilja mellan nyanserade betydelser. Ett sådant arbetssätt främjar inlärning och språkutveckling. Se vidare förordet till registret på s 702. Kartor Kartor över den engelsktalande världen samt Storbritannien, Nordirland, Irland och USA finns på pärmens insidor. Tilläggsmaterial Mellan de två huvuddelarna i Ideal English Dictionary finns tilläggssidor som behandlar aktuella ämnen: Brevmallar Måttenheter Fakta om centrala engelsktalande länder Geografiska namn och nationalitetsbeteckningar Fackuttryck inom musik, dans, drama och idrott Ord och uttryck om Sverige på engelska Översiktliga mallar för brev visar de viktigaste konventionerna när man ska skriva affärsbrev eller privata brev efter brittiskt eller amerikanskt mönster. En sammanställning ges av engelska och metriska måttenheter. Definitioner på måttenheterna finns dessutom i den engelsk-svenska delen. Fakta om Storbritannien, Nordirland, Irland, USA, Canada och Australien omfattar areal och befolkning samt innehåller en del statistik om vart och ett av områdena. Resten av tilläggsmaterialet är valt med tanke på upplysningar som särskilt gymnasieelever kan ha användning av. Internationalisering och tvärvetenskapliga projekt har blivit vanliga och man behöver kunna skriva och berätta om sitt eget och andra länder även på engelska. Tillägget innehåller en omfattande lista över geografiska namn och nationalitetsbeteckningar och en lista över ord som svenskar behöver för att tala eller skriva om sitt eget land, folk och förvaltning. 8

6 nab N nab [n b] past tense, past participle nabbed verb to take, catch or get hold of: The police nabbed the thief. hugga [åt sig], norpa, haffa nag [n ɡ] past tense, past participle nagged verb (often with at) to complain or criticize continually: I nag (at) them to stop the noise. gnata, tjata nagging adjective continuously troublesome: a nagging worry/pain. molande, gnagande nail [neil] noun 1 a piece of horn- -like substance which grows over the ends of the fingers and toes to protect them: I ve broken my nail; toe-nails; Don t bite your finger-nails. nagel 2 a thin pointed piece of metal used to fasten pieces of wood etc together: He hammered a nail into the wall and hung a picture on it. spik verb to fasten with nails: She nailed the picture to the wall. spika fast nail-brush noun a small brush used for cleaning one s nails. nagelborste nail-file noun a small instrument with a rough surface, used for smoothing or shaping the edges of one s finger-nails. nagelfil nail-polish, nail-varnish nouns a substance used to colour and/or varnish one s nails. nagellack nail-scissors noun plural scissors for trimming one s nails. nagelsax hit the nail on the head to be absolutely accurate (in one s description of something or someone, in an estimate of something etc). träffa huvudet på spiken naïve, naive [nai i v] adjective 1 simple and straightforward in one s way of thinking, speaking etc. naiv, naturlig, okonstlad 2 ignorantly simple. naiv, troskyldig, aningslös na ïvely adverb. naivt naked [ neikid] adjective 1 without clothes: a naked child. naken 2 openly seen, not hidden: the naked truth. naken, ren 3 (of a flame etc) uncovered or unprotected: Naked lights are dangerous. öppen nakedly adverb. naket nakedness noun. nakenhet the naked eye the eye unaided by any artificial means such as a telescope, microscope etc: Germs are too small to be seen by the naked eye. blotta ögat name [neim] noun 1 a word by which a person, place or thing is called: My name is Rachel; She knows all the flowers by name. namn 2 reputation; fame: He has a name for honesty. namn, rykte verb 1 to give a name to: They named the child Thomas. ge namn [åt], kalla [för] 2 to speak of or list by name: He could name all the kings of England. namnge nameless adjective 1 not having a name: a nameless fear. namnlös 2 not spoken of by name: The author of the book shall be nameless. okänd, anonym namely adverb that is: Only one student passed the exam, namely Jane. nämligen, det vill säga nameplate noun a piece of metal, plastic etc with a name on it: You will know his office by the nameplate on the door. namnskylt namesake noun a person with the same name as oneself. namne call (someone) names to insult (someone) by applying rude names to him. använda skällsord, skälla på ngn in the name of by the authority of: I arrest you in the name of the Queen. i namn make a name for oneself to become famous, get a (usually good) reputation etc: She made a name for herself as a concert pianist. skapa sig ett namn name after, (American) name for to give (a child or a thing) the name of (another person): Peter was named after his father. uppkalla efter nanny [ n ni] plural nannies noun a children s nurse. dadda, barnsköterska the nanny state the welfare state as seen by its opponents. välfärdssamhälle, förmyndarsamhälle nanny-goat [ n niɡəυt] noun a female goat. get nap [n p] noun a short sleep: She always has a nap after lunch. tupplur catch (someone) napping to catch (someone) unprepared for a particular emergency etc. ta ngn på sängen napalm [ neipɑ m] noun petrol in a jelly-like form, used in bombs to cause fire. napalm nape [neip] noun the back of the neck: His hair curled over the nape of his neck. nacke napkin [ n pkin] noun 1 (also table napkin) a small piece of cloth or paper for protecting the clothes from drips etc and for wiping the lips at meals. servett 2 full form of nappy. blöja nappy [ n pi] plural nappies noun (American diaper) a piece of cloth or paper put between a baby s legs to soak up urine etc. blöja narcotic [nɑ kɒtik] noun a type of drug that stops pain or makes one sleep, often addictive when taken in large doses. narkotiskt medel narrate [nə reit] verb to tell (a story): She narrated the events of the afternoon. berätta, skildra nar ration noun. berättande, berättelse, skildring narrative [ n rətiv] noun a story: an exciting narrative. berättelse, skildring nar rator noun 1 a person who tells a story. berättare 2 a person who tells you what is happening or explains something in a film. berättare narrow [ n rəυ] adjective 1 having or being only a small distance from side to side: a narrow road; The bridge is too narrow for large lorries to cross. smal, trång 2 only just managed: a narrow escape. med knapp nöd 3 (of ideas, interests or experience) not extensive enough. ensidig, trångsynt, inskränkt verb to make or become narrow: The road suddenly narrowed. göra smalare, smalna av narrowly adverb closely; only just: The ball narrowly missed his head. med knapp nöd, nätt och jämnt narrows noun plural a narrow sea-passage; a channel or strait. trångt farvatten, gatt narrow- minded adjective unwilling to accept ideas different from one s own. trångsynt, inskränkt 9

7 nasal [ neizəl] adjective 1 of the nose: a nasal infection; nasal congestion. näs- 2 sounding through the nose: a nasal voice. nasal nasty [ nɑ sti] adjective 1 unpleasant to the senses: a nasty smell. otäck, äcklig 2 unfriendly or unpleasant in manner: They were very nasty to me. otrevlig, obehaglig 3 wicked; evil: He has a nasty temper. elak, stygg 4 (of weather) very poor, cold, rainy etc. ruskig 5 (of a wound, cut etc) serious: That dog gave her a nasty bite. elakartad 6 awkward or very difficult: a nasty situation. besvärlig nastily adverb. otäckt,elakt, otrevligt nastiness noun. otäckhet, elakhet nation [ neiʃən] noun 1 a group of people living in a particular country, forming a single political and economic unit. nation 2 a large number of people who share the same history, ancestors, culture etc (whether or not they all live in the same country): the Jewish nation. folk, folkslag national [ n ʃənəl] adjective of or belonging to a particular nation: national government; national pride. nationell, national- nationally adverb. nationellt nationalism [ n -] noun 1 a sense of pride in the history, culture, achievements etc of one s nation. nationalism 2 the desire to bring the people of one s nation together under their own government. nationalism nationalist [ n -] noun. nationalist nationa listic adjective. nationalistisk nationality [n ʃə n ləti] plural natio nalities noun (the state of belonging to) a particular nation: What nationality are you? I m German ; You can see (people of) many nationalities in London. nationalitet nationalize, nationalise [ n -] verb to make (especially an industry) the property of the nation as a whole rather than the property of an individual. förstatliga, nationalisera nationali zation, nationali sation noun. förstatligande, nationalisering national anthem a nation s official song or hymn. nationalsång national service in some countries, a period of compulsory service in the armed forces. allmän värnplikt nation- wide adjective, adverb (happening etc) throughout the whole nation: a nation-wide broadcast; They travelled nation-wide. landsomfattande native [ neitiv] adjective 1 where one was born: my native land. födelse- 2 belonging to that place; local: the native customs/art of Brazil; This animal/plant is native to Australia. inhemsk, som hör hemma i 3 belonging by race to a country: a native Englishwoman. infödd 4 belonging to a person naturally: native intelligence. medfödd noun 1 a person born in a certain place: a native of Scotland; a native of London. infödd 2 one of the original inhabitants of a country eg before the arrival of explorers, immigrants etc: Columbus thought the natives of America were Indians. inföding Native 'American noun American Indian. infödd amerikan, indian native 'language/'tongue noun: My native language is Spanish, but I also speak English and German. modersmål native speaker a person who has spoken a particular language ever since he was able to speak at all: I am a native speaker of English; a native Spanish speaker. person som har som modersmål native to (of plants and animals) belonging originally to a particular place: These birds are native to Australia. hemmahörande i the Nativity [nə tivəti] the birth of Christ. Kristi födelse Nativity play a play telling the story of the birth of Christ. julspel natter [ n tə] verb to chatter or talk continuously, usually about unimportant things. snacka, babbla natural [ n tʃərəl] adjective 1 of or produced by nature, not made by men: Coal, oil etc are natural resources; Wild animals are happier in nature their natural state than in a zoo. naturlig, natur- 2 born in a person: natural beauty; She had a natural ability for music. naturlig, medfödd 3 (of manner) simple, without pretence: a nice, natural smile. naturlig, otvungen 4 normal; as one would expect: It s quite natural for a boy of his age to be interested in girls. naturlig, normal 5 of a musical note, not sharp or flat: G natural is lower in pitch than G sharp. utan förtecken noun 1 a person who is naturally good at something. naturbegåvning 2 in music (a sign (n ) indicating) a note which is not to be played sharp or flat. stamton naturalist noun a person who studies animal and plant life. naturforskare naturally adverb 1 of course; as one would expect: Naturally I didn t want to risk missing the train. naturligtvis 2 by nature; as a natural characteristic: She is naturally kind. av naturen 3 normally; in a relaxed way: Although he was nervous, he behaved quite naturally. naturligt, normalt natural gas gas suitable for burning, found underground or under the sea. naturgas natural history the study of plants and animals. naturhistoria natural resources sources of energy, wealth etc which occur naturally and are not made by man, eg coal, oil, forests etc. naturtillgångar nature [ neitʃə] noun 1 the physical world, eg trees, plants, animals, mountains, rivers etc, or the power which made them: the beauty of nature; the forces of nature; the study of nature. natur, naturen 2 the qualities born in a person; personality: She has a generous nature. kynne 3 quality; what something is or consists of: What is the nature of your work? karaktär, beskaffenhet, typ 4 a kind, type etc: bankers and other people of that nature. art, slag, sort -natured having a certain type of personality: good-natured; ill-natured. till naturen in the nature of having the qualities of: His words were in the nature of a threat. ha karaktären 10

8 naught av, vara liktydig med naught [nɔ t] noun nothing. ingenting, intet naughty [ nɔ ti] adjective (usually of children) badly-behaved: a naughty boy; It is naughty to kick other children. stygg, elak naughtily adverb. styggt, elakt naughtiness noun. stygghet, elakhet nausea [ nɔ ziə, (American) -ʃə] noun a feeling of sickness. kväljningar, illamående nauseate [ nɔ zieit, (American) -ʒi-] verb to make (someone) feel nausea. få att må illa nautical [ nɔ tikəl] adjective of ships or sailors: nautical language. nautisk, sjö-, sjömansnaval see navy. nave [neiv] noun the middle or main part of a church. mittskepp navel [neivəl] noun the small hollow in the front of the abdomen, just below the middle of the waist. navel navigate [ n viɡeit] verb 1 to direct, guide or move (a ship, aircraft etc) in a particular direction: I navigated the ship through the dangerous rocks. navigera, styra 2 to find or follow one s route when in a ship, aircraft, car etc: If I drive will you navigate? navigera, lotsa navigable adjective (negative unnavigable) able to be travelled along: a navigable river. segel-, farbar navi gation noun the art or skill of navigating. navigation, navigering navigator noun a person who navigates. navigatör navy [ neivi] plural navies noun 1 a country s warships and the people who work in and with them: Russia has one of the largest navies in the world; I joined the navy fifteen years ago. [örlogs]flotta, marin 2 (also adjective) (also navy blue) (of) a dark blue colour: a navy (blue) jersey. marinblått naval adjective of the navy: naval uniform; a naval officer. sjömilitär-, sjö-, marin-, flott-, örlogsnear [niə] adjective 1 not far away in place or time: The station is quite near; Christmas is getting near. nära 2 not far away in relationship: He is a near relation. nära adverb 1 to or at a short distance from here or the place mentioned: He lives quite near. nära 2 (with to) close to: Don t sit too near to the window. nära preposition at a very small distance from (in place, time etc): She lives near the church; It was near midnight when they arrived. nära, nästan verb to come near (to): The roads became busier as they neared the town; as evening was nearing. närma sig nearly adverb not far from; almost: nearly one o clock; He has nearly finished. nästan nearness noun. närhet nearby [niə bai] adverb close to here or the place mentioned: He lives nearby; a cottage with a stream running nearby. i närheten, strax intill nearside adjective (of the side of a vehicle etc) furthest from the centre of the road. närmast vägkanten near- sighted adjective short- -sighted. närsynt a near miss something that is almost a hit, success etc. snudd på träff, halv framgång neat [ni t] adjective 1 tidy; well- -ordered, with everything in the right place: a neat house; She is very neat and tidy. prydlig, proper, vårdad 2 skilfully done: She has made a neat job of the repair. ordentlig, noggrann, snygg 3 (of drink, especially alcoholic) without added water: neat whisky. ren neatness noun. prydlighet neatly adverb tidily or skilfully: Please write neatly. prydligt, vårdat necessary [ nesəsəri] adjective needed; essential: Is it necessary to sign one s name?; I shall do all that is necessary. nödvändig, behövlig neces sarily [- se-] adverb. nödvändigt, behövligt necessitate [ni sesiteit] verb to make necessary: Re-building the castle would necessitate spending a lot of money. nödvändiggöra, kräva necessity [ni sesəti] plural ne cessities noun something needed or essential: Food is one of the necessities of life. nödvändighet, livsvillkor neck 1 [nek] noun 1 the part of the body between the head and chest: She wore a scarf around her neck. hals 2 the part of an article of clothing that covers that part of the body: The neck of that shirt is dirty. halsringning, krage 3 anything like a neck in shape or position: the neck of a bottle. hals necklace [-ləs] noun a string of jewels, beads etc worn around the neck: a diamond necklace. halsband neckline noun the edge of a piece of clothing at or around a person s neck: The dress has a very low neckline. hals-, urringning necktie noun (American) a man s tie. slips neck and neck (in a race) exactly equal: The horses were neck and neck as they came up to the finish. jämsides, i bredd neck 2 [nek] verb to kiss, hug and caress (passionately); to pet. hångla nectar [ nektə] noun 1 the sweet liquid collected by bees to make honey. nektar 2 a delicious drink. frukt-, honungssaft née [nei] adjective born; used to state what a woman s name was before she married: Mrs Jane Brown, née Black. född need [ni d] negative short form needn't [ ni dnt] verb 1 to require: This page needs to be checked again; This page needs checking again; Do you need any help? behöva 2 to be obliged: You need to work hard if you want to succeed; They don t need to come until six o clock; She needn t have given me such an expensive present. vara tvungen, behöva noun 1 something essential, that one must have: Food is one of our basic needs. behov 2 poverty or other difficulty: Many people are in great need. nöd 3 a reason: There is no need for panic. anledning needless adjective, adverb unnecessary: You are doing a lot of needless work; Needless to say, he couldn t do it. onödig, överflödig needlessly adverb. onödigt needy adjective poor: You must help needy people. behövande, nödlidande 11

9 a need for a lack of; a requirement for: There is an urgent need for teachers in this city. ett behov av in need of requiring; having a lack of: We re in need of more money; You re badly in need of a haircut. i behov av needle [ ni dl] noun 1 a small, sharp piece of steel with a hole (called an eye) at one end for thread, used in sewing etc: a sewing needle. nål 2 any of various instruments of a long narrow pointed shape: a knitting needle; a hypodermic needle. nål, kanyl 3 (in a compass etc) a moving pointer. nål 4 the thin, sharp-pointed leaf of a pine, fir etc. barr be on the needle to use hard drugs by injecting them. knarka, vara sprutnarkoman needlework noun work done with a needle ie sewing, embroidery etc. handarbete, sömnad needn t see need. negative [ neɡətiv] adjective 1 meaning or saying no ; denying something: a negative answer. negativ, nekande 2 expecting to fail: a negative attitude. negativ 3 less than zero: -4 is a negative or minus number. negativ [storhet], minus[tal] 4 having more electrons than normal: The battery has a negative and a positive terminal. minus[pol] noun 1 a word etc by which something is denied: No and never are negatives. nekande ord 2 the photographic film, from which prints are made, on which light and dark are reversed: I gave away the print, but I still have the negative. negativ negatively adverb. negativt neglect [ni ɡlekt] verb 1 to treat carelessly or not give enough attention to: He neglected his work. försumma 2 to fail (to do something): He neglected to answer the letter. underlåta, låta bli noun lack of care and attention: The garden is suffering from neglect. vanskötsel, vanvård negligence [ neɡlidʒəns] noun carelessness: The accident was caused by the driver s negligence. försumlighet, slarv, vårdslöshet negligent adjective. försumlig, slarvig, vårdslös nerve negligently adverb. försumligt, slarvigt, vårdslöst negotiate [ni ɡəυʃIeIt] verb 1 to bargain or discuss a subject in order to agree. förhandla 2 to arrange (a treaty, payment etc), usually after a long discussion. utverka, få till stånd 3 to get past (an obstacle or difficulty). komma förbi, passera ne gotiator noun. förhandlare ne goti ation noun: Negotiations ended without any settlement being reached; The dispute was settled by negotiation. förhandling Negro [ ni ɡrəυ] feminine Negress: plural Negroes noun a name for a person belonging to or descended from the black-skinned race from the area of Africa south of the Sahara. neger neigh [nei] verb to utter the cry of a horse: They could hear the horses neighing. gnägga noun such a cry: The horse gave a neigh. gnäggande neighbour, (American) neighbor [ neibə] noun a person who lives near oneself: my next-door neighbour. granne neighbourhood noun 1 a district or area, especially in a town or city: a poor neighbourhood. grannskap, område, kvarter 2 a district or area surrounding a particular place: She lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of the station. omgivning 'neighbourhood watch (American neighborhood watch; also sentry watch) noun a system allowing organized groups of people to police their neighbourhoods to prevent crime. grannskapsvakt, medborgargarde neighbouring adjective near or next in place: France and Belgium are neighbouring countries. angränsande, grann- neighbourly adjective (negative unneighbourly) friendly: a very neighbourly person. vänskaplig neither [ naiðə, (especially American) ni ðə(r)] adjective, pronoun not the one nor the other (of two things or people): Neither window faces the sea; Neither of them could understand Italian. ingen, ingendera neither... nor used to introduce alternatives which are both negative: Neither Joan nor David could come; He can neither read nor write. varken eller As with either... or, the verb usually follows the noun or pronoun that comes closest to it: Neither Kate nor Susan is responsible; Neither she nor her children speak English. neon [ ni ɒn] noun an element, a colourless gas used in certain forms of electric lighting, eg advertising signs. neon nephew [ nefju ] feminine niece [ni s] noun the son or daughter of a brother or sister: My sister s two sons are my nephews, and I am their uncle. bror-, systerson, brors-, systerdotter nerve [n v] noun 1 one of the cords which carry messages between all parts of the body and the brain. nerv 2 courage: She must have needed a lot of nerve to do that; He lost his nerve. mod, nervstyrka 3 rudeness: What a nerve! fräckhet verb to force (oneself) to have enough courage (to do something): He nerved himself to climb the high tower. samla mod nerves noun plural the condition of being too easily excited or upset: She suffers from nerves. svaga nerver nervous adjective 1 of the nerves: the nervous system. nerv- 2 rather afraid: She was nervous about travelling by air; a nervous young man. nervös nervously adverb. nervöst nervousness noun. nervositet nervy adjective excitable: The horse is rather nervy. nervös, hispig, nervig nerviness noun. nervositet, nervighet nerve-racking adjective causing great anxiety or nervousness: a nerve-racking experience. nervpåfrestande nervous breakdown a period of mental illness caused by a time of great strain. nervöst sammanbrott nervous system the brain, spinal cord and nerves of a person or animal. nervsystem get on someone s nerves to irritate someone: His behaviour 12

10 nest really gets on my nerves. gå ngn på nerverna nest [nest] noun a structure or place in which birds (and some animals and insects) hatch or give birth to and look after their young: The swallows are building a nest under the roof of our house; a wasp s nest. rede, bo verb to build a nest and live in it: A pair of robins are nesting in that bush. bygga bo nestling [-liŋ] noun a young bird (still in the nest). fågelunge nest-egg noun a sum of money saved up for the future. reservsumma, sparad slant feather one s (own) nest see feather. nestle [ nesl] verb 1 to lie close together as if in a nest: The children nestled together for warmth. krypa ihop (tätt intill) 2 to settle comfortably: She nestled into the cushions. sätta (lägga) sig bekvämt till rätta nestling see nest. net 1 [net] noun (any of various devices for catching creatures, eg fish, or for any of a number of other purposes, consisting of) a loose open material made of knotted string, thread, wire etc: a fishing-net; a hair-net; a tennis-net; (also adjective) a net curtain. nät verb past tense, past participle netted to catch in a net: They netted several tons of fish. fånga med (i) nät netting noun material made in the form of a net: wire netting. nätverk, nät netball noun a team-game in which a ball is thrown into a net hanging high up on a pole. slags korgboll network noun 1 anything in the form of a net, ie with many lines crossing each other: A network of roads covered the countryside. nätverk 2 a widespread organization: a radio network; television networks. nätverk, [sändar]nät 3 a system of computers that can exchange messages and information: The Internet is a global computer network. nätverk net 2, nett [net] adjective 1 (of a profit etc) remaining after all expenses etc have been paid: The net profit from the sale was 200. netto, netto- 2 (of the weight of something) not including the packaging or container: The sugar has a net weight of 1 kilo; The sugar weighs one kilo net. nettonetball see net 1. netiquette [neti ket] noun a set of rules for users in a computer network (the Internet) when exchanging messages. etikett på Nätet, netikett nett see net 2. netting see net 1. nettle [ netl] noun a type of plant covered with hairs that cause a painful rash if touched. nässla network see net 1. neuter [ nju tə] adjective 1 in certain languages, of the gender which is neither masculine nor feminine: a neuter noun. neutral, neutrum- 2 without sex: Worker bees are neuter, being neither male nor female. könlös neutral [ nju trəl] adjective 1 not taking sides in a quarrel or war: A neutral country was asked to help settle the dispute. neutral 2 (of colour) not strong or definite: Grey is a neutral colour. neutral 3 (in electricity) neither positively nor negatively charged. [elektriskt] neutral noun 1 (a person belonging to) a nation that takes no part in a war or quarrel. opartisk [person], neutralt land 2 the position of the gear of an engine in which no power passes to the wheels etc: I put the car into neutral. friläge neu trality [- tr -] noun the state of being neutral. neutralitet neutralize, neutralise verb to make useless or harmless usually by causing an opposite effect. neutralisera neutron [ nju trɒn] noun one of the particles which make up the nucleus of an atom. neutron never [ nevə] adverb not ever; at no time: I shall never go there again; Never have I been so angry; his never-failing kindness. aldrig never more adverb never again. aldrig mer neverthe less [-ðə les] adverb in spite of that: I am feeling ill, but I shall come with you nevertheless. i alla fall, likväl, ändå new [nju ] adjective 1 having only just happened, been built, made, bought etc: She is wearing a new dress; We are building a new house. ny 2 only just discovered, experienced etc: Flying in an aeroplane was a new experience for her. ny 3 changed: He is a new man. ny 4 just arrived etc: The schoolchildren teased the new boy. ny adverb freshly: new-laid eggs. ny- newly adverb only just; recently: She is newly married; Her hair is newly cut. nyligen, ny- newcomer noun a person who has just arrived: He is a newcomer to this district. nykomling new fangled [- f ŋɡld] adjective (of things, ideas etc) too new to be considered reliable: newfangled machines. nymodig new to having no previous experience of: He s new to this kind of work. ny i newbie [njυ bi ] noun an inexperienced user of computers especially one who is not familiar with the rules of the Internet. ovan datoranvändare, newbie news [nju z] noun singular a report of, or information about, recent events: You can hear the news on the radio at 9 o clock; Is there any news about your friend?; (also adjective) a news broadcast. nyheter; nyhets- newsy adjective full of news: a newsy letter. full av nyheter newsagent noun (American news dealer) a person who has a shop selling newspapers (and usually other goods). innehavare av tidningskiosk (tobaksaffär) newscast noun a broadcast of news in a radio or television programme. nyhetssändning newscaster noun a person who presents a news broadcast. nyhetsuppläsare newsletter noun a sheet containing news issued to members of a group, organization etc. informationsblad, cirkulär newspaper noun a paper, printed daily or weekly, containing news etc: a daily newspaper. dags-, nyhetstidning news is singular: No news is good news. newt [nju t] noun a type of small animal which lives on land and in water. vattenödla next [nekst] adjective nearest in 13

11 nineteen place, time etc: When you have called at that house, go on to the next one; The next person to arrive late will be sent away; Who is next on the list? nästa adverb immediately after in place or time: John arrived first and Jane came next. därefter, härnäst pronoun the person or thing nearest in place, time etc: Finish one question before you begin to answer the next; One minute he was sitting beside me the next he was lying on the ground. nästa next best/biggest/oldest etc the one immediately after the best, biggest, oldest etc: I can t go to Paris so London is the next best place. näst bäst/störst/äldst next door adverb in the next house: I live next door (to Mrs Smith). granne med next to 1 beside: She sat next to me. bredvid, intill 2 closest to: In height, George comes next to me. närmast (näst) efter 3 more or less; pretty well: My writing is next to illegible. näst intill nib [nib] noun (also pen-nib) the pointed, metal part of a fountain- -pen or other pen from which the ink flows. spets -nibbed: a fine-nibbed pen. med spets nibble [ nibl] verb to take very small bites (of): She was nibbling (at) a biscuit. knapra på noun a small bite: Have a nibble of this cake. liten bit, smula nice [nais] adjective 1 pleasant; agreeable: nice weather; a nice person. vacker, trevlig 2 used jokingly: We re in a nice mess now. snygg, fin, skön 3 exact; precise: a nice sense of timing. känslig, exakt nicely adverb. trevligt nicety [ naisəti] plural niceties noun a precise or delicate detail. precision, noggrannhet to a nicety exactly: She judged the distance to a nicety. på pricken, precis niche [nitʃ, ni ʃ] noun 1 a hollow in a wall for a statue, ornament etc. nisch 2 a suitable place in life: He found his niche in engineering. nisch, [rätt] plats Nichrome [ naikrəυm] noun an alloy consisting of 60% nickel, 16% chromium and 24% iron. nickellegering nick [nik] noun a small cut: There was a nick in the door post. hack, skåra verb to make a small cut in something: He nicked his chin while he was shaving. göra ett litet hack i, skära sig i in the nick of time at the last possible moment; just in time: She arrived in the nick of time. i grevens tid, precis i tid nickel [ nikl] noun 1 an element, a greyish-white metal used especially for mixing with other metals and for plating. nickel 2 (American) a five-cent coin. femcentare nickname [ nikneim] noun an informal name given in affection, admiration, dislike etc: Wellington s nickname was the Iron Duke. smeknamn, öknamn verb to give a nickname to: We nicknamed her Foureyes because she wore spectacles. ge ngn smeknamnet (öknamnet) nicotine [ nikəti n] noun a harmful substance contained in tobacco. nikotin niece see nephew. niggardly [ niɡədli] adjective not generous; unwilling to give or spend money: He s niggardly with his money; a niggardly gift. snål, gnidig nigger [ niɡə] noun an impolite name for a Negro. nigger nigh [nai] adverb an old word for near. nära well-nigh nearly; almost: It was well-nigh midnight when she arrived. nästan night [nait] noun 1 the period from sunset to sunrise: We sleep at night; They talked all night (long); He travelled by night and rested during the day; The days were warm and the nights were cool; (also adjective) She is doing night work. natt, kväll 2 the time of darkness: In the Arctic in winter, night lasts for twenty-four hours out of twenty-four. mörker nightly adjective, adverb every night: a nightly news programme; He goes there nightly. varje natt (kväll) night-club noun a club open at night for drinking, dancing, entertainment etc. nattklubb nightdress, nightgown noun a garment for wearing in bed. nattlinne, nattdräkt nightfall noun the beginning of night; dusk. kvällning, nattens (mörkrets) inbrott nightmare noun a frightening dream: I had a nightmare about being strangled. mardröm nightmarish adjective. mardrömslik night-school noun (a place providing) educational classes held in the evenings for people who are at work during the day. aftonskola night shift 1 (a period of) work during the night: I m on (the) night shift this week. nattskift 2 the people who work during this period: We met the night shift leaving the factory. nattskift night-time noun the time when it is night: Owls are usually seen at night-time. nattetid night- watchman noun a person who looks after a building etc during the night. nattvakt nightingale [ naitiŋɡeil, (American) -tən-] noun a type of small bird with a beautiful song. näktergal nil [nil] noun (in scoring) nothing; zero: Leeds United won two-nil/by two goals to nil. ingenting, noll nimble [ nimbl] adjective quick and light in movement: a nimble jump. kvick, rask nimbly adverb. kvickt, raskt nine [nain] noun 1 the number or figure 9. nio 2 the age of 9. nio adjective 1 9 in number. nio 2 aged 9. nio nine- having nine (of something): a nine-page booklet. nioninth noun 1 one of nine equal parts. nion[de]del 2 (also adjective) the last of nine (people, things etc); the next after the eighth. nionde nine-year-old noun a person or animal that is nine years old. nioåring adjective (of a person, animal or thing) that is nine years old. nioårig ninepins [ nainpinz] noun singular a form of bowling in which nine bottle-shaped objects are knocked over with a ball: a game of ninepins; Ninepins is a very good game. kägelspel nineteen [nain ti n] noun 1 the number or figure 19. nitton 2 the 14

12 Mått och vikt Mass (Weight) oz = ounce 15 gr lb = pound 2,2 kg st = stone (Br E) 6,25 kg 1 st = 14 lb 1 lb = 16 oz I Storbritannien anges kroppsvikt ibland i stones and pounds, t ex: 8 st 0 lb ( Eight stone ) 50 kg 11 st 2 lb ( Eleven stone two ) 70 kg 14 st 4 lb ( Fourteen stone four ) 90 kg I USA används inte stones. I recept anges vikt antingen i kg och gr eller i lb och oz. Length/Height in = inch 2,5 cm ft = foot 30 cm yd = yard 91 cm m = mile m 1 m = 1760 yds 1 yd = 3 ft 1 ft = 12 in Avstånd anges fortfarande i miles såväl i Storbritannien som i USA. Det svenska begreppet mil (= 10 km) har ingen motsvarighet och är okänt. Kroppslängd anges ibland i feet and inches, t ex: 5' 3" ( Five [foot] three ) 1,60 m 5' 11" ( Five [foot] eleven ) 1,80 m 6' 4" ( Six [foot] four ) 1,95 m Volume Storbritannien 1 gallon 4,5 l 1 quart 1,2 l 1 pint 0,55 l USA 1 gallon 3,75 l 1 quart 0,95 l 1 pint 0,45 l 1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 2 pints Bensinförbrukning för bilar anges i mpg miles per gallon, t ex: 40 mpg (Storbritannien)/35 mpg (USA) 0,7 l/mil 28 mpg/23 mpg 1l/mil Temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit används parallellt. Några hållpunkter: F C , Vattnets kokpunkt Normal kroppstemperatur Vattnets fryspunkt Skalorna möts Höjd (byggnader, berg) anges normalt i ft eller m, ej i yd. 15

13 Musik Instrument Stränginstrument violin/fiol altfiol cello kontrabas gitarr stråke harts stämskruv Musical Instruments Strings violin viola cello (double) bass guitar bow resin tuning peg Blåsinstrument fagott pickolaflöjt flöjt, tvärflöjt blockflöjt klarinett basklarinett oboe engelskt horn munstycke rör Woodwinds bassoon piccolo flute recorder clarinet bass clarinet oboe cor anglais mouthpiece reed Mässings-/bleckblåsinstrument valthorn trumpet kornett saxofon tuba dragbasun, trombon sordin klocka Brass French horn trumpet cornet saxophone tuba [slide] trombone mute bell Slagverk/slaginstrument triangel cymbaler virveltrumma bastrumma puka harpa trumpinnar/-stockar Percussion Instruments triangle cymbals side drum (snare drum) bass drum kettledrum harp drumstick(s), mallet(s) 16

14 Tangentinstrument flygel mellanstor flygel liten flygel piano spinett orgel cembalo tramporgel tangent Sång sopran alt tenor baryton bas pojksopran falsettsopran/countertenor [sakral] kör [profan] kör Notskrift och musikterminologi ackord b (b) kors (#) dubbel-b (bb) dubbel-kors (##) dur fjärdedelsnot F-klav, basklav förtecken G-klav, diskantklav halvnot helnot moll de fem notlinjerna oktav sats sextondelsnot sextiofjärdedelsnot skala tema tempo-/taktangivelse terminologi ton(höjd) tonart trettioandradelsnot utan förtecken variation (på ett tema) åttondelsnot Keyboard Instruments grand piano boudoir grand baby grand [upright] piano spinet organ harpsichord harmonium (piano) key Vocal soprano alto tenor baritone bass boy soprano counter tenor [church] choir chorus Notation and Nomenclature chord flat sharp double-flat double-sharp major quarter note (US), crochet (UK) bass clef key signature treble clef half note (US), minim (UK) whole note (US), semibreve (UK) minor staff octave movement semiquaver (UK), sixteenth note (US) semidemisemiquaver (UK), sixty-fourth note (US) scale theme time signature terminology, nomenclature pitch key demisemiquaver (UK), thirty-second note (US) natural variation (on a theme) quaver (UK), eighth note (US) 17

15 Tonnamn cess C ciss dess D diss ess E eiss fess F fiss gess G giss ass A aiss B h hiss Pitch Names C flat (Cb) C C sharp (C#) D flat (Db) D D sharp (D#) E flat (Eb) E E sharp (E#) F flat (Fb) F F sharp (F#) G flat (Gb) G G sharp (G#) A flat (Ab) A A sharp (A#) B flat (Bb) B B sharp (B#) Förtecken, dur och moll (några exempel) C-dur a-moll h-moll B-dur b-moll Fiss-dur ass-moll Major and Minor Key Signatures C major A minor B minor B flat major B flat minor F sharp major A flat minor Nyttiga ord och uttryck Useful Words and Phrases absolut gehör debutera perfect pitch make one s debut dirigent conductor extranummer, dacapo framföra encore perform, give a performance/recital/concert konsert (orkester/kammarorkester) concert konsert med några få utövare konsert (=musikverk) recital concerto öva/träna practise the... uppförande skolkonsert performance (autumn/spring (osv)) recital slå an tonen give the pitch slå takten beat time 18

16 Register Denna svensk-engelska del är att betrakta som ett register snarare än som en uttömmande ordlista. Den är till för att man lättare ska kunna utnyttja huvuddelens möjligheter. Man bör således alltid återvända till huvuddelen, utom när man ska leta upp ett engelskt ord som man kan men som man för tillfället har glömt. Svenska översättningar från ordbokens huvuddel står här i alfabetisk ordning. Då ett svenskt ord kan förekomma i huvuddelen på mer än ett ställe, kan det följas här av flera engelska ord och uttryck vilka då står i alfabetisk följd efter det svenska ordet. Några svenska ord kan ha olika betydelser eller olika grammatiska funktioner. Dessa står bara en gång, t ex: ro calm, calmness, peace, pull, repose, row, scull Ordens betydelse kontrolleras närmare i huvuddelen. I ett fåtal fall har två ord samma stavning men olika uttal och betydelse. Dessa står för sig, t ex: fasad bevelled fasad façade, frontage Även verbfraser står för sig, t ex: gå till sjöss go to sea gå till sängs go to bed gå till val go to the polls En mängd uttryck på bl a bli, få, gå, göra, på m fl behandlas på liknande sätt. 19

17 A 020-nummer freephone, toll-free number à jour up to date AB Ltd., Ltd abbedissa abbess, Mother Superior abbot abbot abdikation abdication abdikera abdicate abdomen abdomen abdominal abdominal abnorm abnormal abnormitet abnormality abonnemang subscription abonnemangsavgift subscription abonnent subscriber abonnera subscribe aboriginier aborigine abort abortion abortera abort abrupt abrupt, abruptly abscess abscess absolut absolute, absolutely, definitely, easily, positive, positively, without fail absolution absolution absorbera absorb absorbering absorption abstrakt abstract absurd absurd absurditet absurdity absurt absurdly acceleration acceleration accelerera accelerate, speed up accent accent accent[tecken] accent, stress-mark accentuera highlight acceptabel acceptable, possible acceptabelt acceptably acceptera accept, come to terms accepterad accepted accepterande acceptance accepteras go down well accessoar accessory accis excise aciditet acidity ack alas!, o acklimatisera [sig] acclimatize acklimatisering acclimatization ackompanjatör accompanist ackompanjemang accompaniment ackompanjera accompany ackord chord ackrediterad accredited ackumulation accumulation ackumulativ cumulative ackumulator accumulator ackumulera[s] accumulate acne acne adamsäpple Adam s apple adapter adaptor adaptera adapt adaption adaptation addition addition adekvat adequate 20 adel nobility adelsdam peeress, lady adelskap peerage adelsman knight, noble, nobleman, peer adjektiv adjective adjektivisk adjectival adjö farewell, goodbye adla knight adlig noble, titled adlig börd nobility administration administration administrativ administrative, executive administrera administer, administrate adolescens adolescence adoptera adopt adoption adoption adoptiv- adoptive adress address adressat addressee adressera address adressera om readdress, redirect adresskalender directory adresslapp label adverb adverb adverbial adverbial adverbialt adverbially adverbiell adverbial adverbiellt adverbially advokat attorney, barrister, counsel, lawyer, solicitor aerodrom aerodrome aeronautik aeronautics aeronautisk aeronautical aerosol aerosol affektions[värde] sentimental [value] affisch bill, placard, poster affischtavla billboard, hoarding affär affair, deal, proposition, shop, store, transaction affärer business, dealings affärsbiträde salesman, saleswoman, salesgirl affärsgata shopping mall affärsinnehavare shopkeeper affärsman businessman, businesswoman affärsmässig businesslike, commercial afton eve, evening aftonklänning evening dress aftonskola night-school agar-agar agar-agar agent agent agentur agency agera act agg grudge, ill-feeling aggression aggression aggressiv aggressive aggressivitet aggressiveness aggressivt aggressively agitation agitation agitator agitator agitera agitate alienation agn bait, beard agna bait agrikultur agriculture aids AIDS airbag airbag aiss A sharp ajournera adjourn ajournering adjournment akademi academy akademiker academic akademikermössa mortar-board akademisk academic akademisk examen degree, diploma, graduation akademiskt academically akrobat acrobat, tumbler akrobatik acrobatics akrobatisk acrobatic akrobatkonster tumbling akt act akta take care akta! mind akta sig beware aktad reputable, valued akter stern akterdäck quarter-deck aktie share, stock aktieägare shareholder aktion act aktiv active aktivera activate aktivitet activity aktiviteter goings-on aktivt actively aktning deference, regard, reverence aktningsvärd creditable, reputable, worthy aktningsvärt creditably aktsam careful aktualiserande topically aktuell topical, up to date aktuellt topically aktör performer akupunktur acupuncture akustik acoustics, phonics akut acute, acutely akvarium aquarium aladåb mould alarmerande alarming, alarmingly album album, scrapbook aldrig never aldrig i livet! not on your life! aldrig mer nevermore aldrig sviktande unflagging alert alert alf elf alfabet alphabet alfabetisk alphabetical alfabetiskt alphabetically alfapet Scrabble algebra algebra algebraisk algebraic alger algae alias alias alibi alibi alienation alienation

18 alkali alkali alkali alkalisk alkaline alkohol alcohol alkohol- alcoholic alkoholfri non-alcoholic, soft alkoholhaltig alcoholic alkoholism alcoholism alkoholist alcoholic alkov alcove, recess all right all right alla all, anybody, anyone, every, everybody, everyone Alla Hjärtans Dag se Valentine alla möjliga all manner of alla tiders no end of alla vinklar och vrår every nook and cranny alldaglig commonplace, everyday, ordinary, pedestrian, plain alldaglighet homeliness alldeles altogether, clean, quite, right, very alldeles för to a fault alldeles intill handy alldeles nyss just now alldeles riktigt quite allé avenue allemansrätt right of way allergi allergy allergisk allergic allesammans one and all allians alliance, confederacy alliera ally allierad allied alligator alligator allmoge peasantry allmosa handout allmosor alms allmän general, popular, public, universal, vulgar allmän helgdag public holiday allmän landsväg highway allmän väg right-of-way allmän värnplikt national service allmänbildad well-read allmänbildning general knowledge allmängiltighet universality allmänheten the general public, the public allmänna kommunikationer public transport allmänna val general election allmänning common, green allmänpraktiserande läkare GP, general practitioner allmänt generally, popularly allmänt känd proverbial, proverbially allmänt känt common knowledge allmänt känt ord household word allmänt utbredd widespread allokera allocate allokering allocation allra very allra först first of all allround all-round allroundspelare all-rounder allroundidrottsman all-rounder alls at all, whatever, whatsoever allsidig all-round allsmäktig almighty, omnipotent allsmäktighet omnipotence allsmäktigt omnipotently allt all, everything allt emellanåt every so often allt i allo handyman allt medräknat all in allt möjligt all manner of, whatnot allt sedan since ever allt som allt in all allt everalltför too alltid always, every time Alltid redo! Be prepared! allting everything alltjämt still alltmer increasingly, more and more alltsammans everything alltsedan ever since alltså that is to say, thus, well alludera allude to allusion allusion allvar gravity, solemnity allvarlig bad, earnest, in earnest, grave, grievous, serious, straight allvarlighet seriousness, solemness allvarligt demurely, earnestly, gravely, seriously, solemnly allvarligt samtal straight talking allvarsam serious, sober allvarsamhet seriousness alm elm almanacka almanac, calendar alp- alpine alpin alpine alpinist mountaineer alstra generate, produce alt alto altare altar alternativ alternative alternativt alternatively alternera alternate altfiol viola aluminium aluminium aluminiumfolie silver foil, tinfoil alv subsoil amatör amateur amatörmässig amateurish, unprofessional ambassad embassy ambassadör ambassador, ambassadress ambassadörs- ambassadorial ambition ambition ambitiös ambitious ambitiöst ambitiously ambulans ambulance amen amen amerikan[are] American amerikansk American amfibie amphibian amfibieflygplan amphibian amfibiefordon amphibian amfibisk amphibious amfiteater amphitheatre amiral admiral amma breastfeed, nurse, suckle, wet-nurse ammoniak ammonia ammunition ammunition ammunitionsförråd magazine amnesi amnesia amnesti amnesty amok amok amortering instalment ampere ampère, amp, A amputation amputation amputera amputate amsaga old wives tale amulett charm ana scent, suspect, think ana sig till divine ana oråd smell a rat ana ugglor i mossen smell a rat analfabet illiterate analfabetism illiteracy analys analysis analysera analyse, analyze analytiker analyst analytisk analytical analöppning anus anamma adopt ananas pineapple anarki anarchy anarkism anarchism anarkist anarchist anatom anatomist anatomi anatomy anatomisk anatomical anatomiskt anatomically anbefalla recommend anblick sight, view anbringa apply anbud quotation anbudsgivare bidder and duck anda spirit, wind andakt worship andas breathe, respire andas in inhale andas ut exhale anddrake drake ande spirit andebesvärjare exorcist andebesvärjelse exorcism andedräkt breath andefattig lifeless, mindless, soulless andefattigt mindlessly andel allotment, interest, part, portion, proportion, share, slice andetag breath andfådd breathless, out of breath, puffed andfåddhet breathlessness andhona drake andlig spiritual andligt spiritually 21

19 andlös breathless andlöshet breathlessness andlöst breathlessly andning respiration, wind andnings- respiratory andningshål blowhole andningsmask respirator andningspaus breather andra other, second andra andning second wind andra klass second-class andra klassens second-class andraklass- second-class andraklassig second-rate andrapristagare runner-up andrum leeway andunge duckling anekdot anecdote anemi anaemia anemisk anaemic anestesi anaesthesia anfall bout, fit, pounce, spell, thrust anfalla attack, charge, engage, pounce, savage, strike anfalla i flanken flank anfalls- offensive anfallsspelare forward, striker anflyga mot home in on anfäkta obsess anför head anföra conduct anförande address, speech anföringstecken inverted commas, quotation marks anförtro commend, consign, depute, entrust, trust anförtrodda trust ange denote, denounce, indicate, turn in ange tonen set the pace angelägen anxious, eager, in a hurry, pressing, urgent angelägenhet affair, concern, matter, urgency angeläget urgently angenäm gratifying, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable angenämt pleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably angivare informer angivelse denunciation anglikansk Anglican anglisera anglicize anglo- Angloangrepp assault angripa assail, infest angripande part aggressor angripare aggressor, assailant, invader, raider angränsande adjacent, neighbouring angå concern, have to do with angående regarding, with regard to anhalt halt anhopning accumulation, conglomeration, huddle anhålla arrest anhållan entreaty, suit anhängare adherent, devotee, disciple, follower, following, partisan, supporter anhängarskara following animerad animated animositet animosity aning divination, hint, hunch, inkling, notion, shade, suspicion, touch aningslös naïve anka duck ankare anchor ankarlift ski tow ankarplats anchorage, berth ankarspel capstan ankbonde drake ankel ankle ankelring bangle anklaga accuse, impeach anklagad accused anklagelse accusation, allegation, charge, impeachment anknytning affiliation ankomma på be up to ankommen high ankomst advent, arrival ankra anchor ankunge duckling anledning cause, need, reason anlita engage, enlist, look up anlägga landscape, lay out, plant anlägga i terrasser terrace anläggning complex, ground, plant, set anlända appear, arrive, get anmoda request, urge anmäla notify, put down for, report anmäla sig enter, register anmäla sig som frivillig volunteer anmälan notification anmäld deltagare entry anmärka remark anmärka på fault anmärkning observation, note, remark anmärkningsvärd notable, noteworthy, remarkable anmärkningsvärt remarkably annaler annals annalkande approach, approaching, oncoming annan alternative annandag jul Boxing Day annandag pingst Whit Monday annars or, or else, otherwise annat än other than annektera annex annektering annexation annex annexe annons ad, advert, advertisement annonsera advertise, publicize annonstavla billboard, hoarding annonstext copy annonsör advertiser anstrykning annorlunda different annorstädes elsewhere annullera annul, cancel annullering annulment, cancellation anonym anon, anonymous, nameless anonymitet anonymity anonymt anonymously anordna give anordning contrivance, device, gadget anorektisk anorectic, anorexic anorexi anorexia anpassa adapt, adjust to, suit, tailor anpassa [sig] conform anpassning acclimatization, adaptation anpassningsbar adaptable anpassningsförmåga adaptability anrop hail anrätta dress ansats onset ansatt distressed, se back to the wall anse consider, count, deem, find, hold, reckon, regard as, think anse om make of anse vara lämpligt see/think fit ansedd reputable anseende authority, character, credit, reputation ansenlig considerable, handsome, sizeable, substantial ansikte face ansikte mot ansikte face to face ansikts- facial ansiktsdrag feature ansiktsfärg colouring, complexion ansiktslyftning facelift ansiktspuder face-powder ansiktsuttryck countenance anskaffbar obtainable anskaffning supply anskrämlig hideous, unsightly anskrämlighet hideousness anskrämligt hideously anslag allocation, notice anslagstavla bulletin board, notice-board, signboard ansluta connect, link up, plug in ansluta sig till second ansluten affiliated anslutning connection anslå allocate, give up, vote anslående striking anspråk claim, demand, requirement anspråkslös modest, simple anspråkslöshet humility, informality, modesty anspråkslöst modestly anspänning tension anstifta instigate anstiftan instigation anstiftare ringleader anstrykning smack, suggestion 22

Grammatik (Grammar) Ordklasser (Parts of Speech) Alla ord i ett språk tillhör olika ordklasser. Här får du en kort förklaring om respektive ordklass.

Grammatik (Grammar) Ordklasser (Parts of Speech) Alla ord i ett språk tillhör olika ordklasser. Här får du en kort förklaring om respektive ordklass. Grammatik (Grammar) Ordklasser (Parts of Speech) Alla ord i ett språk tillhör olika ordklasser. Här får du en kort förklaring om respektive ordklass. Substantiv (Noun) är namn på personer, platser eller

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BROBYGGE ENGELSKA. Från förskolan till gymnasiet

BROBYGGE ENGELSKA. Från förskolan till gymnasiet BROBYGGE ENGELSKA Från förskolan till gymnasiet Hedemora kommuns skolor 2009 Förord Inledning Brobygge är numera ett känt begrepp inom förskolan och skolan i Hedemora. Arbetet har pågått sedan 2002, då

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Om du vill ha ledigt en dag, glöm det! C h e f e n s motivering -Så du vill ta ledigt en dag...? Vet du egentligen vad du begär?! -Året har 365 dagar, men du jobbar inte varje dag. Under årets 52 veckor

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BARNENS BÄSTA BIENNAL: BERÄTTELSER 26.10-12.1 MODERNA MUSEET MALMÖ BARNENS BÄSTA BIENNAL: BERÄTTELSER 26.10-12.1 THE KIDS BEST BIENNIAL: STORIES All konst berättar något. Ju mer man vet, desto mer ser man. Möt och upplev konst på Moderna Museet Malmö

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READ & PROCEED New Interactive Edition

READ & PROCEED New Interactive Edition MED CD-ROM Håkan Plith John Whitlam Kjell Weinius READ & PROCEED New Interactive Edition Texter och övningar För gymnasiets kurs B/steg 6 Med cd-rom APPIA Håkan Plith John Whitlam Kjell Weinius READ &

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1111 2 3 4 5 6 7 Colloquial 8 9 10 Swedish 1111 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 4222

1111 2 3 4 5 6 7 Colloquial 8 9 10 Swedish 1111 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 4222 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 14 15 16 17 1 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 2 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 3 39 40 41 4222 Colloquial Swedish The Colloquial Series Series Adviser: Gary King The following languages are available

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THE VASA STAR Vasastjärnan

THE VASA STAR Vasastjärnan THE VASA STAR Vasastjärnan Publication of THE VASA ORDER OF AMERICA Summer 2012 Bill Lundquist Dear Vasa Brothers and Sisters, I m happy to have heard from members who are pleased with the new look of

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Raoul Wallenberg in Documents, 1927-1947

Raoul Wallenberg in Documents, 1927-1947 Raoul Wallenberg in Documents, 1927-1947 1 2 Gert Nylander & Anders Perlinge Raoul Wallenberg in Documents, 1927-1947 Banking & Enterprise No. 3 Stockholm 2000 3 Stiftelsen för Ekonomisk Historisk Forskning

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A ZORGAY TIBETAN CHILDHOOD A ZORGAY TIBETAN CHILDHOOD ISSN (print): 1835-7741 ISSN (electronic): 1925-6329 Library of Congress Control Number: 2008944256 Call number: DS1.A4739 Subjects: Uplands-Asia-Periodicals Tibet, Plateau of-periodicals

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THE VASA STAR. Vasastjärnan Publication of THE VASA ORDER OF AMERICA. Swedish-American of the Year - Pg 7. Meet the Director - Pg 23

THE VASA STAR. Vasastjärnan Publication of THE VASA ORDER OF AMERICA. Swedish-American of the Year - Pg 7. Meet the Director - Pg 23 THE VASA STAR Vasastjärnan Publication of THE VASA ORDER OF AMERICA MAY-JUNE 2010 Swedish-American of the Year - Pg 7 Meet the Director - Pg 23 The Grand Master s Message Rolf Bergman

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En dag skall alla djur leva i frihet. Civil olydnad för djuren. PDF

En dag skall alla djur leva i frihet. Civil olydnad för djuren. PDF En dag skall alla djur leva i frihet. Civil olydnad för djuren. PDF ==>Download: En dag skall alla djur leva i frihet. Civil olydnad för djuren. PDF ebook By Jaatinen, Johan [red.]. En dag skall alla djur

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schhh... ...texts about the exhibition and the work of Ann Rosén

schhh... ...texts about the exhibition and the work of Ann Rosén 8 oktober - 13 november 2005 Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening c/o Konstakademien Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm...texts about the exhibition and the work of Ann Rosén Introduction Ann Rosén Meetings, Spaces,

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THE VASA STAR Vasastjärnan

THE VASA STAR Vasastjärnan THE VASA STAR Vasastjärnan Publication of THE VASA ORDER OF AMERICA Spring 2012 Education Stamp Campaign 2012 Thank you to the many members who have enthusiastically stepped up in support of the Spring

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IDROTTSengelska. ett studiematerial om idrottsutbyte med andra länder

IDROTTSengelska. ett studiematerial om idrottsutbyte med andra länder IDROTTSengelska ett studiematerial om idrottsutbyte med andra länder Innehållsförteckning DEL 1 Förord...3 Inledning...4 1.Studieplan...5 2.Att arrangera tävlingar med utländska deltagare...6 3.Funktionärsutbildning...8

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WELCOME, PASSERBY. KERSTIN HAMILTON Diary Notes and Footnotes WELCOME, PASSERBY KERSTIN HAMILTON Diary Notes and Footnotes Förord Det här ett verk om ett samhälle. Samhället, i det här fallet, är Lesjöfors. Preface This work is about a town. The town, in this case,

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Svenska Föreningen för Medicinsk Psykologi

Svenska Föreningen för Medicinsk Psykologi DUBBELNUMMER av BULLETIN Svenska Föreningen för Medicinsk Psykologi Inbjudan skrivarpristävlan 2008 Föredrag från Balintvärldskongressen i Lissabon Kongressintryck från fyra deltagare Ingresser till Riksstämmosymposierna

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VUXTIDNINGEN Södervärn VUXTIDNINGEN Årgång 1 Nummer 2 Oktober 2009 Redaktörer: Susan Englund, Jennifer Sundberg Ansvarig utgivare: Torbjörn Hanö I DET HÄR NUMRET: Att kastas rätt in i språket 2 En person som jag beundrar 2 Att

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Barn på nytt. Vuxtidningen Södervärn November 2011 Sida 2

Barn på nytt. Vuxtidningen Södervärn November 2011 Sida 2 Vuxtidningen Södervärn Webbtidning av och för elever på Komvux Malmö Södervärn Årgång 3, Nummer 9, november 2011 Redaktörer: Susan Englund, Jennifer Sundberg Ansvarig utgivare:

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Skane Och Kopenhamn PDF

Skane Och Kopenhamn PDF Skane Och Kopenhamn PDF ==>Download: Skane Och Kopenhamn PDF ebook By Albert Bonniers Skane Och Kopenhamn PDF By Albert Bonniers - Are you searching for Skane Och Kopenhamn pdf Books? Now, you will be

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Ställning Mot Piratkopiering...3 Förord...6 Kapitel 1...7 Kapitel 2...15 Kapitel 3...21 Kapitel 4...30 ~~...40 Help Not Steal...

Ställning Mot Piratkopiering...3 Förord...6 Kapitel 1...7 Kapitel 2...15 Kapitel 3...21 Kapitel 4...30 ~~...40 Help Not Steal... Ställning Mot Piratkopiering...3 Förord...6 Kapitel 1...7 Kapitel 2...15 Kapitel 3...21 Kapitel 4...30 ~~...40 Help Not Steal...42 First Simple English...45 Part 1...46 Part 2...54 Part 3...60 Part 4...68

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Slottet och andra berättelser. PDF

Slottet och andra berättelser. PDF Slottet och andra berättelser. PDF ==>Download: Slottet och andra berättelser. PDF ebook By Kafka, Franz. Slottet och andra berättelser. PDF By Kafka, Franz. - Are you searching for Slottet och andra berättelser.

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SITE. Välkommen till SITE, en tidskrift för konst, arkitektur, film och filosofi. Berlinkrönika Av Erik van der Heeg. Dansar med asiater

SITE. Välkommen till SITE, en tidskrift för konst, arkitektur, film och filosofi. Berlinkrönika Av Erik van der Heeg. Dansar med asiater Välkommen till SITE, en tidskrift för konst, arkitektur, film och filosofi. SITE indikerar ett slags obestämbarhet, som kanske mer än något annat är vad som kännetecknar samtiden en obestämbarhet vad gäller

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Vet Du vad det kostar? PDF

Vet Du vad det kostar? PDF Vet Du vad det kostar? PDF ==>Download: Vet Du vad det kostar? PDF ebook By Hegeland, Hugo. Vet Du vad det kostar? PDF By Hegeland, Hugo. - Are you searching for Vet Du vad det kostar? pdf Books? Now,

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Dromresan Genom Sverige PDF

Dromresan Genom Sverige PDF Dromresan Genom Sverige PDF ==>Download: Dromresan Genom Sverige PDF ebook By Bobby Andstrom Dromresan Genom Sverige PDF By Bobby Andstrom - Are you searching for Dromresan Genom Sverige pdf Books? Now,

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H A N Ä R D Y R, M E N H A N B Y G G E R B R A H E S E X P E N S I V E, B U T H E I S A G O O D B U I L D E R.

H A N Ä R D Y R, M E N H A N B Y G G E R B R A H E S E X P E N S I V E, B U T H E I S A G O O D B U I L D E R. H A N Ä R D Y R, M E N H A N B Y G G E R B R A Nuvarande ägarinnan Jenny Ljungbergs farfar Tage la grunden till ett familjeimperium. Och det är en händelse som, så här mer än 60 år senare, ser ut som ett

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Letter from Gothenburg by William Shepherd Wednesday 28 th April 2010

Letter from Gothenburg by William Shepherd Wednesday 28 th April 2010 Introduction The Letter from Gothenburg began as a couple of journal entries on 19 th and 21 st April 2010 when I chanced to find myself in Sweden at the time Eyjafjallajoekull started to spew ash around

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MAGAZINE NO 8 SUBT OP IA M A G A Z INE NO 8 M O V A BLE A R T MAGAZINE NO 8 Movable art Inga hierarkier FÖR Nikeisha Andersson Ayeda & Ayedin Ronaghi Om den förbjudna baletten i Iran / Animal Religion Cirkus inspirerad av naturen REDAKTION / EDITORIAL STAFF Magasin

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Peter Watcyn-Jones. Grammar Passport. Allt-i-ett basgrammatik steg 3 4

Peter Watcyn-Jones. Grammar Passport. Allt-i-ett basgrammatik steg 3 4 Peter Watcyn-Jones Grammar Passport 2 Allt-i-ett basgrammatik steg 3 4 Studentlitteratur Skola och vuxenutbildning Box 141 221 00 LUND Besöksadress: Åkergränden 1 Tfn 046-31 20 00

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