SOUNDWARE LAGERSÄLJ. Rea! Soundware säljer massor av produkter till fantastiska priser i december. Produkterna finner du här:

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1 SOUNDWARE LAGERSÄLJ D e c e m b e r DECEMBER 2010 Rea! Soundware säljer massor av produkter till fantastiska priser i december. Produkterna finner du här: AMS Neve side 6 Genelec side 3 Maycom side 8 DK-Tech side 10 Side 2 Genelec Side 3 Genelec Side 4 Digidesign (Avid Audio) Side 5 Digidesign (Avid Audio), Mackie, Tube-Tech Side 6 AMS Neve Side 7 Symetrix, Telos Systems Side 8 Mayah, Maycom Side 9 Yellowtec, Furman, Adam Hall, Grace Design, Dynaudio Side 10 DK-Technologies, Holophone Side 11 Zaxcom Side 12 Ashly, Sennheiser Side 13 Mika Thum+Mahr, Magma, Mutec Side 14 Palmer, SRS, AKG, Cinela, Apple, Native Instruments, Audac Side 15 Yamaha, Axia, Sonifex Side 16 MIPRO, DPA, JC Cooper Side 17 Xilica, Collin Broad, WHD Side 18 WHD Yellowtec side 9 Telos side 7 Zaxcom side 11 Holophone side 10 Digidesign side 5 Digidesign side 4 Zaxcom side 11 Grace Design side 9 AMS Neve side 6 Genelec side 2 Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

2 GENELEC Aktiv subbas GE7070APM Genelec 7070APM, aktiv subbas - Genelec 7070A Active Subwoofer is powerful and precise bass monitoring tool for modern 6.1 or 5.1 channel Surround Sound or traditional stereo systems. With its 19 Hz lower cut-off frequency, high sound pressure output capability and versatile bass management systems, it can be adapted to all low frequency monitoring situations. The amplifier unit integrated into the cabinet contains active crossover filters, driver overload protection circuits and power amplifiers. The in-built bass management unit has six signal input and output channels, summed signal output connectors and LFE input equipped with a selectable 85/120 Hz lowpass filter and a 0 / +10dB LFE sensitivity switch. NY Bordstativ GE B Genelec Bordsstativ för 8020/8030, mm. NY Mjuk transportväska GE Genelec Mjuk transportväska för 1st DEMO Väska GE Genelec Väska för NY Aktiv subbas GE5040APM Genelec 5040APM aktiv subbas, svart - is an extremely DEMO compact active subwoofer designed to complement up to five 6010A s with accurate and dynamic bass response reaching down to 35 Hz. Matched perfectly with the 6010A s, the 5040A conveniently features a remote volume control allowing adjustment of the entire sound system as well as versatile acoustic controls for perfect room integration. Aktiv monitor GE6010APM Genelec 6010APM, aktiv monitor, svart - Genelec 6010A DEMO is an extremely compact two-way active loudspeaker designed for computer sound systems and other close proximity listening applications. Its small size, amazing sound quality and rugged construction make the 6010A an ideal sound system for the traveling professional user and a constant source of listening enjoyment. Stativplatta GE Genelec Stativplatta för 8020 Iso-Pod. NY Väska GE Genelec Väska för 2 st NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

3 GENELEC Aktiv monitor GE8050APM Genelec 8050APM, aktiv monitor, svart - Capable of producing peak SPL of over 120dB per pair, and with a low frequency response extending down to 35Hz, the 8050A is a powerful wideband bi-amplified monitoring system. It is an excellent tool for large recording studios, broadcast and surround installations, mastering suites and TV and post-production houses. The sophisticated low level active crossover has versatile controls for matching the monitor to difficult acoustic environments. Dedicated very low distortion amplifiers power the drivers, with overload protection for each driver. The stiff, volume efficient MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) enclosure and long, curved, flow optimized reflex port combined with low distortion drivers provide solid, clear, low frequencies with a minimum of compression, distortion and port noise artefacts. NY Stativplatta GE Genelec Stativplatta för 8040 Iso-Pod. DEMO Stativplatta GE Genelec Stativplatta för 8050 Iso-Pod. NY Aktiv subbas GE5040AWM Genelec 5040AWM aktiv subbas, vit - is an extremely DEMO compact active subwoofer designed to complement up to five 6010A s with accurate and dynamic bass response reaching down to 35 Hz. Matched perfectly with the 6010A s, the 5040A conveniently features a remote volume control allowing adjustment of the entire sound system as well as versatile acoustic controls for perfect room integration. The 5040A features a magnetically shielded downward firing 6 1/2 bass driver attached to a die-cast aluminium base plate. The 5040A packs a respectable punch of 98 db maximum sound pressure level. Subwoofer BEG1094 Genelec 1094A, subwoofer - The 1094A is a compact system that will reproduce frequencies of Hz (± 2.5 BEGAGNAD db). The crossover has 3 signal ch. (L/C/R) input and output channels and a discrete subwoofer signal. Omnimount GE B Genelec Omnimount 60.0 CA. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

4 DIGIDESIGN (AVID AUDIO) DSP expansion DIHDA939E Digi Mbox to HD2 Accel PCIE. Produktink NY DSP expansion DIHDA2UG2E (HD2 Accel to) HD2 Accel PCIE - HD Accel cards for PCI Express (PCIe) complement the Accel Core card foundation of the Pro Tools HD Accel system for PCIe-based host computers. NY Offering enormous processing power, HD Accel cards for PCIe can supercharge your system and accelerate your workflow. With support for sample rates up to 192 khz (with a 192 I/O-equipped system) plus increased track and voice counts, HD Accel cards deliver unprecedented mixing power. Produktink File Interchange DI641 Digitranslator 2.0. NY Plug-in DISTDM Smack! TDM. NY Video playback option DIVIDESATLE Video Satellite LE Option. NY HDD DI DigiDesign DigiDrive, SCSI HD 9GB. NY 2 50 Audio interface DIMBOX2 Mbox 2 - The Mbox hardware interface features a premium NY analog signal path and high-performance convert- ers for exceptional sound. The included Pro Tools LE software is the same platform used in commercial facilities around the world - ensuring pro studio compatibility and delivering everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix music. Audio interface DIMBOX2MINI Mbox 2 Mini - The ultra-portable Pro Tools Mbox Mini features everything you need to easily compose, record, edit, and mix music - including studio-standard Pro Tools LE software. You get over 70 stunning effects and virtual instruments, plus other tools and features to help you create music quickly and easily. Mbox Mini also delivers premium sound quality, plus rock-solid compatibility with nearly every popular audio recording application. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

5 DIGIDESIGN (AVID AUDIO) Audio interface Audio interface DIHD192 DIHD Audiointerface Digital I/O is a high-definition audio interface specifically designed to facilitate digital input from a variety of sources into the Pro Tools HD environment. An alternative to the 192 and 96 I/Os, 192 Digital I/O features a wide range of digital I/O options, including up to 16 channels of AES/EBU, TDIF, and ADAT I/O, along with S/PDIF I/O. NY DEMO Expansion Card DIHD192AD AD Expansion till 192. NY Upgrade DIHD8UG Pro Tools HD 8 Upgrade. NY Rackmount Pro Tools LE DIFACT16 Digi 003 Rack Factory - With an extensive range of audio NY Production System and MIDI I/O, high-definition audio resolution and FireWire connectivity, the 003 Rack Factory enables you to attain the same high audio production quality as commercial facilities in your own personal or project studio. USB-key DIILOK Ilok USB Smart Key. NY Remote Control Software DI745NT MachineControl - allows you to remotely control Pro Tools from external controllers. NY Computer Keyboard for DIKBM Keyboard Custom Pro Tools Mac. NY Pro Tools Systems DIKBW Keyboard Custom Pro Tools Win. NY USB Audio Interface DIMBOX2MICRO MBox 2 Micro - The Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro answers NY the demands of Pro Tools users worldwide by offering a way to edit and mix with Pro Tools LE anywhere you go! That s right, this USB device that s about the same size as a common jump drive allows you to take your Pro Tools Sessions on the road to mix on a laptop while riding in a plane, in the park... or anywhere you want! Software BEGDSPFARM Digi DSP Farm. BEGAGNAD Audio interface BEG1622 Digi 1622 Audiointerface. BEGAGNAD Audio interface BEG88220 Digi Audio interface. BEGAGNAD Chassis BEGCHASSI7 Digi PCI Exp chassis. BEGAGNAD MACKIE Audio Mixer MACTAPCO Mackie Tapco Blend 6. BEGAGNAD TUBETECH Power Adapter TUB0910 Tubetech MP1A Nättrafo. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

6 AMS NEVE Stereo Compressor AM33609JD Neve 33609/JD Dual Compressor/Limiter. One of the World s Finest Audio Compressors, Bar None. NY Mic Preamp & Equaliser AM1073 Neve 1073 mic/line amp, with EQ - Handcrafted and NY completely hand-wired by Neve s dedicated professionals in Burnley, England, the modern-day 1073 is produced to the exact specifications of the original modules. Stereo Mic Preamp AM1073DPD Neve 1073 DPD mic/line amp. w. AD converter - The DEMO DPD combines two of our world-famous Class A Neve 1073 microphone preamplifiers with flexible 192kHz digital output capabilities. Rack AM10733U19 Neve 3U 19-tums rack for 2 stk 1073/1084 NY Mic Preamp & Equalizer AM1081 Neve 1081 mic/line amp. with EQ - The 1081 provides remarkable sensitivity, fast and musical response to transients, plus inimitable Neve equalization featuring effective high- and low-pass filters designed to separate unwanted signal outside the passband. NY Rack AM10813U19 Neve 3U 19-tums rack for 2 stk NY Mono Limiter/Compressor AM2254R Neve 2254/R Mono Limiter/Compressor - It retains the NY original 2254 s unique sonic characteristics using the same architecture, matching components and original hand-wound transformers - ensuring a totally unique sound. DEMO Rackmount kit AM4081RK Neve 19 Rackmount kit for 1stk eller 2 stk NY Summing Mixer AM8816A Neve 8816 Analog Summing mixer - Neve provides the warmth, punch and definition so sought after by virtually anyone who has touched a fader. With the new 8816 Summing Mixer, the legendary sound of Neve becomes available to computer-based producers. DEMO Option AM8816DOP Neve Digital Output Option for NY Surround Compressor AM8051 Neve 8051 Surround Compressor - The 8051 is an analogue compressor with six transformer balanced audio paths, complemented by two side chains and a key input. Based on six 2254 compression circuits using the same feedback topology as the legendary stereo compressor the 8051 delivers the famous Neve sound in spades. The compression remains transparent even at extreme settings. DEMO Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

7 SYMETRIX Automixing, submixing, routing and processing SYM1515 Symetrix Automix Matrix provides the tools required for consistently clear audio in courtrooms, government chambers and corporate boardrooms. SPL Computer SYM1330 The 371 SPL Computer from Symetrix is designed to automatically raise and lower sound system levels in response to changes in ambient noise conditions, in locations where foreground music and/or paging is utilized. Utilizing proprietary AmbiSense technology, the unit ensures that music and announcements are always clearly audible and distinct, but never too loud. Half-rack space enclosure. Digital Audio Network Interface SYM1010 Symetrix CobraLink - It allows the sharing of digital audio between SymLink rings, Express units, and third-party CobraNet-compatible hardware including amplifiers and powered speaker systems. NY NY DEMO DEMO Headphone Remote SYM1405 Symetrix HR1. Makes headphone amp outputs available at a remote location. DEMO Control Input and Output SYM1050 Symetrix Control I/O - Functions as a hardware interface DEMO Expansion Interface for analog controls, extending the capabilities and connectivity supported by Symetrix DSP models. Filler Panel SYM1450 Symetrix FP-3. NY Rack Tray SYM1480 Symetrix RM-3. NY AIR6200 AirTools kanaler Dig.vox process - Product BEGAGNAD intended for on-air and production processing of microphones and line-level signals in radio and television. Modular Remote Control SYM1210 Symetrix ARC-K1 - a modular remote control for Symetrix DSPs featuring a push-button rotary encoder that NY provides the client with simple control of two (2) parameters in the system. DEMO Modular Remote Control SYM1240 Symetrix ARC-XLR - a modular remote control for Symetrix DSPs. DEMO Modular Remote Control SYM1250 Symetrix ARC-MIC - a modular remote control for Symetrix DSPs. DEMO Power Supply SYM1180 Symetrix ARC Power Supply. DEMO Modular Remote Control SYM1270 Symetrix ARC-EX4 Expansion module - Identical in form and function to the ARC-SW4, it expands the capabilities NY of a Modular ARC Wall Panel. DEMO TELOS Digital Hybrid Telephone TE Telos ONE Digital Hybrid Modem Case Type - superb digital NY Interface telephone hybrid performance for broadcast, telecon- ferencing, and communications applications. TE Telos ONE Digital Telefonhybrid, 19 1HE. NY Rack kit TE Telos ONE Rackmonteringskit för 1 One hybrid 19. NY Rack kit TE Telos ONE Rackmonteringskit för 2 ONE hybr 191HE. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

8 MAYAH Portable Recorder Codec MAYFM001 Mayah Flashman - the original Flashman was a pure, high quality digital recorder, Flashman II adds the ability to simultaneously record & transmit the audio back to the studio. Flashman II records to SD Cards & USB sticks, supports most modern networks and interfaces WLAN, UMTS/3G and Ethernet are all catered for and provides a wide range of the most modern coding algorithms, including two new, state-of-theart audio formats, MPEG 4 HEv2 and MPEG 4 AAC ELD*; for High Quality & Low Latency. Audio IP Decoder/ Converter MAYGAN1002PRO Mayah Ganymed 1002PRO - The Ganymed 1002 is the receiving end member for stereo audio via IP networks. It receives an RTP stream with MPEG 1 or 2 Layer 2, Layer 3, AAC encoded audio signals or even linear audio and converts it to analog and digital audio in professional level and format. DEMO DEMO Audio IP Encoder/ Decoder MAYGAN1102 MAYAH Ganymed In combination with GANYMED DEMO , the Ganymed 1102 is an IP Audio Codec encoding and decoding high quality audio signals into various coding formats and streaming towards other MAYAH Ganymed, CENTAURI or audio player tools, such as Windows Media, Real Player, Winamp and others. MAYCOM Docking Station MAYDS Maycom Docking Station for HandHeld. DEMO HandHeld Recorder MAYHH Maycom Handheld Recorder - With a highly appealing and stylish design, fully featured but compact in size, the Maycom HandHeld offers rugged and reliable digital portable recording for both professional and consumer usage. Due to an increasing demand for smaller and lighter devices, Maycom developed a solid-state, MPEG-L2, portable recorder fitting in the palm of your hand. DEMO Cable MAYHHCUSB Maycom USB cable HandHeld, 2 meter. NY Batterypack MAYHHPBP720 Maycom NiMH Smart Batterypack 1000m Ah. NY Wind Shield MAYHHWS Maycom HandHeld Wind Shield. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

9 YELLOWTEC Handheld Field Recorder THUYT6010 ixm Reporter recorder Omni-directional - Xm is a handheld NY field recorder and real reporter microphone made for and by Broadcasters. ixm delivers perfect sound, enables simple and silent recording, and performes robust with double power. Keypad THBLKEY Yellowtec B-Line Keypad for b-line - Digital ISDN / POTS Hybrid and Phone System. NY DTMF Generator/Analyser THBLDTMF Yellowtec B-Line DTMF Generator/Analyser. NY FURMAN Power Supply FUR0400 Furman SB-1000E, un-interuptible Power Supply, featuring a generous 1000VA / 600 watts capacity. BEGAGNAD ADAM HALL Speaker Stand ADASPS56B SPS56B - Speaker Stand Aluminium black. DEMO GRACE DESIGN A/D Converter GRA802ADAT 8-channel A/D option for m802 - the optional 8 channel 24bit/192kHz A/D card option. Developed as the perfect NY complement to the m802 mic preamplifier design, this converter card provides pristine, musical A/D conversion to rival even the finest stand alone units available. Microphone preamp GRM201 Model ch Microphone preamp - the new m201 DEMO delivers unmatched audio performance, with massive headroom, ultra-wide bandwidth and a very open, musical character. The signal path has been hot-rodded to be fully balanced from start to finish, resulting in a wider dynamic range, while new high-current output drivers enable even longer cable runs without signal loss. This means the m201 can translate a sonic picture of astonishing clarity and detail, which serves to capture the essential character of the music being recorded. DYNAUDIO ACOUSTICS Audio Monitor BEGDYNAUDIOBM-5A Dynaudio BM-5A - This high-performance monitor comes in a very compact design and it is extremely well suited for production environments where space is a concern. The BM 5A is well suited for music monitoring and mixing, broadcasting, OB vans, edit suites, playback suites, project studios and smaller post production facilities. BEGAGNAD The small size in combination with the renowned Dynaudio Acoustics performance makes the BM 5A suitable for smaller 5.1 productions. Aktive subwoofer BEGM-AUDIOBX10S M-AUDIO BX10S - ideal for monitoring environment requiring an accurate low-frequency response down to 20Hz. Comprising a 10 composite driver, 240-watt internal amplifier, and a variable 50 to 200Hz crossover. BEGAGNAD Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

10 DK - TECHNOLOGIES Stereo Loudness Meter DK0130 DK MSD100C, 2-kanaler, färgdisplay, komplett - The MSD100C Stereo Loudness Meter implements the ITU Recommendation BS.1770 algorithms to display the loudness of the individual audio channels as well as the sum of the left and right signals. 1 AES3 input, 2 analogue inputs, transformer balanced, Accurate loudness matching of audio signals, Loudness Measurement with Fast mode for real time control of loudness. NY Kabel DK5014 DK MSD600M-I-CABLE/O. Kabel till MSD600M. NY Kabel DK5017 DK MSD600M-O-CABLE/O. Kabel till MSD600M. NY Kabel DK5018 DK MSD600M-U-CABLE/O. Kabel till MSD600M. NY Master Stereo Display DK0100 DK MSD100T/SA 2-kanaler med XLR ingång - Master NY Stereo Display with high quality 320x240 monochrome display. Includes all basic metering and monitoring functions in addition to preset selectable reference levels. Features stereo Peak Programme Meter for audio level measurements, up to 7 scales selectable to conform with standard used, and PPM peak-hold function shows maximum level in a recording. Kabel DK5020 DK MSD100C-Cable. NY Kabel DK5021 DK MSD200C-Cable. NY Plate DK5030 DK MSD-BASE/O. Basplatta i aluminium till MSD. NY HOLOPHONE Surround Microphone HOH3D Holophone H3-D Surround mikrofon, offers a DEMO dedicated 5.1 design that brings the unit within the reach of the growing market segment in need of surround capture capability. The H3-D is easy to use, making it the ideal choice for situations that have budget, engineering or space restrictions. The H3-D features five multi-directional, full bandwidth microphone elements and a discrete LFE microphone in one integrated capsule. Windscreen HOH3WS Holophone H3-D Windscreen. DEMO Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

11 ZAXCOM Plug-on Recording Wireless Transmitter ZATRX700 ZATRX10 ZATRX901 Zaxcom TRX700 Plug-on Recording Transmitter - The new TRX700 is designed for quick and easy integration with the shotgun-type microphones typically used in boompole applications. The TRX700 records up to 12 hours of timecode-referenced audio on a removable minisd card, that provides an automatic back-up of the system s RF transmission. Zaxcom Internal IFB option for TRX900 and TRX900AA. Zaxcom Internal recording option. Samlad pris for Zaxcom TRX700 with IFB option and Recording Option: DEMO Antenna ZATXANT Zaxcom Transmitter antenna. NY Antenna ZARXANTST Zaxcom Straight SMA receiver antenna. NY Antenna ZARXANTRA Zaxcom Right angel SMA receiver antenna. NY Digital Handheld Microphone Transmitter ZATRX800 Zaxcom TRX800 Digital Handheld Microphone Transmitter - The TRX800 s 96 hour, 24 bit internal loop-recording option is perfect for those times when there s a lack of available frequencies or when drop-outs cannot be tolerated. Makes use of a removable MiniSD memory card. ZATRX901 Zaxcom Internal recording option. Samlad pris for Zaxcom TRX800 with Recording Option: DEMO Mic-capsule for TRX800 ZARPW118 Zaxcom SHURE Beta 58 Capsule for TRX800. DEMO Remote Control Transmitter ZAIFB100 Zaxcom IFB100 Remote control transmitter - The IFB100 transmits IFB audio, timecode and remote control signals to the TRX900 series digital wireless transceivers on a single RF carrier using a 2.4 GHz signal. It can be used license-free in almost every country. DEMO The IFB100 can be used in an array of applications - on your sound cart, in a studio or on the side of your video camera. The left side has dedicated connectors for: two audio inputs, timecode in/out and power in. The front has a graphic LCD screen indicating the transmitter status and timecode display. Antenna ZAIFBOMNANT Zaxcom 2.4GB Omni 6dB gain antenna IFB100. DEMO Cable ZAIFB10CBL Zaxcom 10 Cable from IFB100 to 2.4GB antenna. DEMO Adaptor ZAEA100 Zaxcom Playback earpiece adaptor. DEMO Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

12 ASHLY Power Amplifier ASH2010 Ashly NE8250pe, 8x250W med DSP - Network Enabled (NE) amplifier offer ease of use, setup and control using standard 10/100 Ethernet protocol and Protea NE Software. No outboard control units are needed. Parametric Equalizer 4x4 ASH1090 Ashly 4.24PS - allows for the installation of multiple channel parametric equalizers where tamperproof, precise audio equalization is required. Power Amplifier ASH1380 Ashly SRA-4150, slutsteg 4x80 8 ohm - Perfect for installations with modest power requirements, the SRA-Series utilizes state of the art technology, are convection-cooled, without annoying fan noise. Power Amplifier ASH2030 Ashly NE4250pe, 4x250W med DSP - Network Enabled (NE) amplifier offer ease of use, setup and control using standard 10/100 Ethernet protocol and Protea NE Software. No outboard control units are needed. NY BEGAGNAD NY BEGAGNAD NY Remote Control ASH1490 Ashly WR-1E. DEMO Security Cover ASH1690 Ashly SEC-2 - a rack-mounted panel that prevents access to the controls of any two-space rack-mountable gear. NY Power Amplifier ASH2110 Ashly PE-1200, 2x600W, 2U, 9kg - PE Series (Protea Enabled) amplifiers are high-power, high-efficiency, lightweight amplifiers incorporating the latest in power and control technologies. NY DSP Input Option Modules ASH2160 Ashly DSP 1 Retrofit - a Protea DSP Option Card to your PE-Series amplifier, and you have a simplified system implementation for many applications in live sound, commercial sound reinforcement and installations. SENNHEISER Miniature Condencer Cardioid Microphone SENMKE40EW Sennheiser MKE 40 EW Cardioid condenser miniature - lip-on microphone with cardioid pattern. Can be used together with evolution wireless body pack transmitters or with MZA 900P phantom power adaptor for wired applications. High gain before feedback, very good speech intelligibility, and outstanding bass reproduction. Comes with clip, black windscreen, grey windscreen, and magnet holder set MZM 2 / MZM 10. NY BEGAGNAD NY Headphones SENHD380PRO Sennhieser HD 380 PRO Hörlur, sluten. DEMO Headphones SENHD555 Sennheiser HD555 Hörlur öppen. DEMO Phantom Power Adaptor SHMZA900P Sennheiser MZA 900 P Adapater - phantom power adaptor is used to connect pre-polarized condenser microphones with a 3.5mm jack plug to microphone inputs with V phantom powering (P12 P48). The connected microphone is supplied via the adaptor. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

13 MIKA THUM & MAHR Microphone Arm THMIKAA MIKA Mikrofonarm, alumin, kablerad u XLR. NY Microphone Arm THMIKAG MIKA Mikrofonarm, mörkgrå, kablerad u XLR. NY Microphone Arm THMIKOAAA MIKA On Air mikrofonarm, alumin, kablerad. NY Microphone Arm THMIKOAAXS MIKA Mic Arm On Air aluminium XS. NY MIKA Microphone Arms presents itself as an integrated modular system for mounting and positioning microphones and flat panel monitors. It helps you to restore order to your microphone and monitor arrangements in your studio or at your workstation. Bushing THMIKABUSH MIKA Bushing, fäste för infällning. NY Clamp THMIKACLAMP MIKA Clamp, Bordsfäste, mm. NY VESA Mount THMIKAFLEXM MIKA Fleximount with VESA 75/100, 12 kg. DEMO Pole Adapter THMIKAMICPOL MIKA Mic arm to MSS pole adapter. NY Mounting Kit THMIKAPDMKIT MIKA Pole Desktop Mounting Kit. NY Pole THMIKAPOLE MIKA MSS Pole 17/ 445 mm. NY Pole THMIKAPOLE33 MIKA MSS Pole 33/ 845 mm. DEMO MAGMA Cable MAGCBL1.5HF MAGMA HI-FI, 68 pin 1.5 meter PCI expansion. NY Expresscard Adapter MAGPEHIFX1 MAGMA PCI Express host card. NY Expresscard MAGEC34 MAGMA Expresscard.. DEMO PCI Card MAGPCIHIF68 MAGMA Host Card 32-bit/33 MHz PCI. DEMO Chassis DIHDEXPC Magma Chassis PCIe to PCI. BEGAGNAD MUTEC MU Mutec MC-1 Digital formatkonverterare. NY MU Mutec MC-1.1 Digital formatkonverterare - C-1 and NY MC-1.1 are multifunctional, high-performance digital audio format converters for S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital audio data. Using latest digital audio circuitries, both units process all formats with clock rates up to 192.0kHz. Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

14 PALMER 48 V Power Supply PAL0050 Palmer PAN48 - external power supply for phantom powered appliances. NY Active DI Box PAL0070 Palmer PDI02 - active DI box with ultra low noise discrete op amp design. NY Line Splitter PAL0170 Palmer PLS02 - passive dual channel line splitter, used to feed the left and right master outputs. NY Line Splitter PAL0220 Palmer PRM-LS - Designed to split line level signals. Female XLR input, 1 parallel male XLR output and 2 transformer isolated male XLR outputs in 1RU cahssis. NY BEGAGNAD Power Amp PALP6150LX Palmer Power amp 6 x 150W. DEMO SRS Software SRSTDM02 Circle Surround TDM Pro + XTRACT. NY AKG Headphones BEGAKGK66 AKG K66. BEGAGNAD Headphones BEGAKGK77 AKG K77. BEGAGNAD Headphones SEPAKGK271MKII AKG K271 mk II Hörlur. BEGAGNAD CINELA Microphone Suspension CINOSIX2 OSIX 2 Suspension Shoeps CMC - has been designed for NY the SCHOEPS microphone, comprising a CMC 3, 4, 5 or 6 body and a COLETTE capsule. It is possible to adapt the entire range of windshields. Microphone Suspension CINOSIX360 Osix 3-60 Suspension MKH60 - has been designed for the specific SENNHEISER MKH 60 microphone, and its standard foam protection. The use of standard Softies or Windsocks is possible if you accept a reduction of the firmness. NY APPLE Software BEGAPPLELOGICPRO8 APPLE Logic Pro 8. BEGAGNAD NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Software NATIVEKOMPL Native Komplete (2-3 product upgrade). DEMO Software BEGNATIVEONTAKT3 Kontakt 3. BEGAGNAD AUDAC Aktiv subwoofer STAAUDACSW150 Audac SW-150, 8 aktiv sub, inbyggt slutsteg samt steglös delningsfrekvens för att optimera ljudbilden. BEGAGNAD Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

15 YAMAHA Active monitor YAMMS101II Yamaha MS101II, aktiv högtalare, 10W - the Yamaha MS101II Powered Monitor Speaker offers everything you NY YAMS101II need in a compact, convenient unit that will fit just about anywhere. DEMO Expansion Card YAMY8AE Yamaha MY8-AE - 8-channel Digital I/O Option MY BEGAGNAD (Mini-YGDAI) series expansion card for use in the option I/O slots of digital mixers and mixing engines. Provides eight channels of input and output in AES/EBU format on a D-sub 25-way female connector. (May fit Yamaha 01V, PM1D, DME32, AW4416, AW2816, SREV1, DM2000 and 02R96). Converter YAMY8AD96 Yamaha MY8-AD96-8-channel Analog Input Card (24/96). BEGAGNAD Converter YAMY4AD Yamaha MY4-AD - 4-channel Analog Input Card (24-bit). Expansion Card BEGMYAVIOM Aviom kort till Yamaha - The new AVIOM16/o-Y1 Yamaha Output Card allows you to add Aviom s A-Net protocol to your Yamaha digital mixer, so you can distribute audio via inexpensive Cat-5 cable to the new A-16II Personal Mixer. The AVIOM16/o-Y1 expansion card fits Yamaha digital mixers supporting the mini-ygdai format, including the 01V96, DM1000, DM2000, and PM1D. AXIA AES/EBU Digital Audio Node TEAXAELT Axia AES/EBU Line Term - The Axia AES Node provides eight digital AES3 inputs and outputs. The Axia AES/EBU Node can also be employed as a 1x8, 2x4, 2x8, etc. AES distribution amplifier by using any of the AES inputs to feed the eight AES outputs. Analog Line Node TEAXALT Axia Analog Line Term - The Analog line node has eight balanced stereo inputs and eight balanced stereo outputs, presented on easy-to-install RJ-45connectors. The inputs are switchable to accommodate consumer level -10dBv or professional level +4dBu. SONIFEX Dual Stereo Headphone Amplifier VIS Sonifex RB-HD2 - The RB-HD2 is a high performance 2-way stereo headphone distribution amplifier for driving up to 2 pairs of professional stereo headphones from a single stereo or mono input. A switch on the rear panel enables the distribution of a mono signal to all four outputs via the left channel input. BEGAGNAD BEGAGNAD DEMO DEMO DEMO Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

16 MIPRO Handheld Transmitter MIP1161 Mipro ACT-7H TGX-60 (8A) - ACT-7H handheld transmitter DEMO features a hyper-cardioid directionality condenser capsule whose high fidelity, dynamic range, fast transient responses, low feedback howling and accurate sound image characteristics personify as such. Lavalier Microphone MIP3000 Mipro MU-53L - a cardioid subminiature lavalier microphone in black. DEMO Headworn Microphone MIP3080 Mipro MU-55HNS - designed for demanding live performance and fitness industry. DEMO MIP3150 Mipro MU-57HNS. DEMO Handheld Transmitter MIP1225 Mipro ACT-5H (8B) - ACT-5H has a lightweight, yet DEMO durable housing. Outstanding transmission reliability with extremely low handling noise. Featuring industry s first ACT channel sync set-up. The hypercardioid condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity. Tripod Stand MIP6070 Mipro MS-30 - tripod Stand for MA-101, MA-101a portable PA systems. DEMO Microphone Holder MIP6090 Mipro MD-20 - microphone Holder for any ACT or MR handheld transmitters. DEMO Personal PA System MIP5000 Mipro MA-101C - powerful 42-watt sound, lightweight, Can be shoulder carried and truly portable. BEGAGNAD Wireless Portable PA MIP5420 Mipro MA-707PAD - this powerful 70-watt system provides excellent, full range music reproduction as well as DEMO System quality intelligible speech. The Retractable handle and the inbuilt wheels make transport easy. DPA Miniature Microphone ARDPA4063B55 DPA 4063-B55 Miniature Microphone Omni - designed DEMO for use with wireless systems in theatres, television, and close-miked instrument applications, these tiny condenser mics are omnidirectional and therefore do not need to be aimed directly at the sound source. DPA 4063 is acoustically identical with the DPA 4061, but the FET preamp in the input stage is designed for working with the lower supply voltage. Miniatyr Clip ARDPADMM0004-B DPA Miniatyr clip. DEMO JC COOPER Motorized Fader Controller JLES4/100 JL COOPER ES 4/100 MIDI Controller - is an Edit Suite Series compact automation controller. Audio mixing has never been this fast and easy. The ES-4/100 features four 100mm touch-sensitive, motorized faders, 16 channel switches, 4 function keys and bank shift buttons for control of Select, Solo, Mute and other functions. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

17 XILICA Loudspeaker Management System XIL1310 XILICA DLP-4080A - is a complete 4-input-8-output digital loudspeaker management system designed for the touring or fixed sound installation markets, with high performance 24-bit Analog Converters. NY COLLIN BROAD RS422-Midi Machine COLP2MMC Colin Broad P2MMC, RS-422 Midi Machine Control - designed to be used with existing consoles and DAW s and DEMO Control Interface synchronisers the interface will connect any Sony P2 Protocol serial port to the MX2424 Midi Port. WHD Sound Column WHDAL10/1-T12 WHD AL 10/1-T12 - Compact, highly-efficient and weather-proof sound column. NY Power Amplifier WHDAMP10CD WHD AMP 10 CD 500 UP. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUP26-T25 WHD UP 26-T25 Large 2-way Hi-Fi ceiling. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUP26-T6 WHD UP 26-T6 Large 2-way Hi-Fi ceiling. NY Ceiling Subwoofer WHDUP26SUB-8 WHD UP 26 SUB-8 - Big and powerful subwoofer with NY plastic frame for recessed ceiling installation, ideal for supplementing small ceiling speakers, e.g. in the home, in restaurants, boutiques. The UP 26 SUB comes with a 205 mm woofer and a high-quality crossover for low-impedance satellite output. Ceiling Speaker WHDUP40-8 WHD UP Powerful 2-way Hi-Fi ceiling speaker, ideal where sound quality demands are higher. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUP12F-T6 WHD UP 12F-T6 - Compact ceiling speaker with fire-retardant steel dome for heightened safety level. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUP14/2-4 WHD UP 14/2-4 MARINE - High-performance 2-way ceiling speaker for demanding conditions. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUP6-4 WHD UP 6-4 White - tiny recessed speaker for ceiling installation with outstanding sound quality. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUPM100-T6 WHD UPM 100-T6 - ceiling speaker. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUPM140-T6 WHD UPM 140-T6 - ceiling speaker. NY Ceiling Speaker WHDUPM200-T6 WHD UPM 200-T6 - ceiling speaker in an extra-shallow NY design (5 mm), ideal for the reproduction of speech and background music in high-ceilinged rooms (3...5 m), e.g. department stores... The UPM 200 impresses with its powerful 135 mm full-range chassis with additional subcone. Bi-directional Speaker WHDDLS12-T12 WHD DLS 12-T12 - Bi-directional speaker for the radiation of long, narrow room. NY Sound Projector WHDSP12-T12 WHD SP 12-T12 - highly-effective sound projector, ideal for speech and background music. NY Loudspeaker WHDST140 WHD ST 140 Fire-retardent steel dome. NY WHDST260WB WHD ST 260 WB. NY Loudspeaker WHDSL25-2 WHD SL way Hi-Fi speakers in a stone look for uncompromising applications. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax

18 WHD Wall Loudspeaker WHDWL6-4 WHD WL 6-4 Wall Design Speaker white. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDWL6-T6 WHD WL 6-T6 Design wall speaker. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDWL8/2-T6 WHD WL 8/2-T6 2-way Hi-Fi design speaker. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDWL6/2-T10 WHD WL 6/2-T10-2-way Hi-Fi design speakers for wallassembly, suited to background music reproduction and with subwoofer SUB 200 for high-quality music reproduction, e.g. in the home, restaurants, cafes, massage parlours, etc... This speaker s appealing, asymmetric design is a real trendsetter. The WL 6/2 comes with a 135 mm woofer and coaxial tweeter arrangement. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDZL135G-4 WHD ZL 135G-4 - wall-mounted speaker, suitable for reproduction of speech and background music. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDZL135G-T6 WHD ZL 135G-T6 - wall-mounted speaker, suitable for reproduction of speech and background music. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDWL10-T6 WHD WL 10-T6. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDWL10/2LED-T12 WHD WL 10/2 LED-T12. NY Wall Loudspeaker WHDWL10LED-8 WHD WL 10-LED-8-2-way Hi-Fi-designer speaker with NY LED light for wall-assembly, suitable for the reproduction of background music and with subwoofer SUB 200 for high-quality music reproduction e.g. in the home, restaurants/cafes, in wellness resorts or doctor s practices. Features a 135 mm woofer and coaxial tweeter arrangement. Horn Speaker WHDTL115-2-T15 WHD TL T15 - high-end extremely effective horn speaker, made of plastic. NY Horn Speaker WHDTL130-2-T30 WHD TL T30 - high-end extremely effective horn speaker, made of plastic. NY WHDEIBDEMO WHD EIB Demosystem. DEMO Hi-Fi design Loudspeaker WHDM240DEMO WHD Demo väska M240 komplett - 2-way Hi-Fi design speaker, ideal for music reproduction. DEMO Loudspeaker/control unit WHDHL1-T1 WHD HL 1-T1 - Compact speaker/control. NY Spherical Speaker WHDKL1400D-4 WHD KL 1400 D-4 - compact spherical speaker, ideal for speech and background music reproduction. NY Spherical Speaker WHDKL WHD KL powerful spherical speaker, for the reproduction of speech and background music. NY Volume Control WHDLR20MONOAP WHD LR 20 MONO AP - features a rotary dial without limit stop and a resistor network. NY Loudspeaker WHDMX50-8 WHD MX way Hi-Fi box with bass reflex channel, suitable for music reproduction. NY Transformer WHDT100G WHD T100G - is a 100 V transformer, fitted in a plastic cabinet. NY Sound Column WHDTS20WP-T20 WHD TS 20WP-T20 - sound column with strong focussing characteristics, can be installed outside. NY Subwoofer WHDSUB200 WHD SUB Band pass subwoofer perfect for supporting WHD satellites. NY Soundware Sweden. Stockholmsvägen 116B, TÄBY. Tel Fax