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1 FINANCIAL HEARINGS 20 YRS CAPITAL MARKETS DAY The Big Portfolio Day SUNDAY, MARCH17 at Operaterrassen Program 10:00 Financial Brunch 10:30 The Financial and Industrial Future with FH 20 Years 11:30 FH Award 13:00 Financial Hearings goes to Bandy The Nobless, Banks, Financial Fast Mowers and Outlaws... We divided the market at the first Capital Markets Day for almost 20 years ago, and according to a modern financial version of the old Swedish Class Parliament, with four classes from the 1800 century, actually Nobless, Priests, Freeman and Farmers. Times are still changing for the classes, but we hope you will join us and create a uniform Swedish Financial Market at a popular Swedish Super Bowl around the Bandy finale on Friends Arena March 17. The finale is one of the oldest sporting events in Swedish history - and indeed older than Vasaloppet. On the way there we will have time for brunch and the FH Awards ceremony at the Opera Terrace, starting at. 10:00 on Sunday, 17 March. In general, we require the same now as then - a few hours of body and soul. So roll up your sleeves and behave as normal people. The you received entitles you to a place to brunch / FH Award at the Opera Terrace incl. Bandy ticket. If you would like more tickets, contact us at Registration is binding and there is a limited number of seats. Event: Operaterrassen, Stockholm Host: financial Registration:

2 Financial Hearings 20 year... A history about Legends with Per-Erik Holmström Financial Hearings 20 Years in operation, frames at large, the launch and development of a much more open and accessible information society in business - where speed and ease of communication has grown exponentially, both nationally and internationally. Where the social media s development in the market communication has become every man s own property. When the Financial Hearings in March reach 20 years it has a life that is twice the original product - Finanstidningen. Why has it been so, and is the road still as straight as an arrow? The theme for the day is - a little back to the origins and maybe we get the answer. Without Finanstidningen and the support from CEO Raoul Grunthal and owner Mats Arnhög the Finanstidningen Analyst meetings not been in the game. To the supporters we also count Financial Times that helped with media support. During the Kinnevik era, Frederick Rudbäck, Michael Porseryd and Pelle Törnberg became the most loyal supporters to Financial Hearings, helping and developing us to an international reputation and reach. With Börsveckan as a partner, it was mainly with Peter Benson and Björn Davegård that we co-created the popular platform even for small companies. Today we have several such days together with several partners which might make Stockholm Corporate Finance, Life Science Day the absolute best. We have in many ways been a leader in the development for 20 years and are proud to have been able to implement all presentations in a respectful and dignified manner for the audience, speakers and moderators. When you look at what has made the model popular, I think you all should look at names of the speaker. All together it made the presentation model the most classic of Swedish financial market. At one point - I said that - just as in a national team we would not be anything without all the stars when any guest interjected that I probably meant divas... But I pronounce that the players or speakers are the most important participators for the game and this is really the speaker s model... First, a big thanks to them. You can see them here and there in this album. Names like Marcus Wallenberg, Carl-Henric Svanberg, Lars Westerberg and moderators as Patrik Tillman, Hans Olov Bornemann, Bjorn Jansson, Lars Bokenberger, Raoul Grunthal and Dag Klerfelt, Lage Jonasson. Of the major Swedes in Swedish business, it is only really Mr PG Gyllenhammar that I miss of the majority of speakers passing by. Well, there are of course some of today s CEOs who are at risk of missing the chance to become immortal with us. Finanstidningen once had a motto that was Truth is exciting enough. We think it is still valid. Openness and Accessibility was a key that opened the information gap between journalists and analysts in the first step. In many ways, we led the process to the openness of websites that are now considered obvious by opening up the marketing. The next important step was the creation of Webcasts that made the material available to both international investors and small savers. We were regarded as extremely arrogant when we implemented the Internet and Webcasts in the late 90 s. This is illustrated by this question from a CEO. What is this filming today? Per-Erik: Yes we do it always nowadays... It is implied in this that if we went the traditional way to ask the customer, we probably should have started with this last in Europe. Instead we were at the front of the whole world. In six months the overhead copies were gone except for a few, such as Lars Westerberg at Autoliv, who could really patronize his audience and is a shining example that not only new media technology can do the job. Implementation time was less than 3 months without that someone had asked for the product. Today, this is an international matter of course that is only growing in importance. For me, however, always meeting and the question time was the key and is still the most exciting part that gives the elasticity of each meeting. With the help of moderators, we see that both guarantee a certain base level of the hearing as well as that we are signaling to the audience that there is actually a transparency. In this way, we have been creating an environment that is also credible with the public. This is because basic values that sometimes could be ignored and that selective information policy could be very risky.

3 The Big Portfolio Sunday Financial Hearings Capital Markets Day with FH Award Sunday, March 17, 2013 at Operaterrassen The Capital Markets Day 2013 marks the time 20 years ago when Financial Hearings did its first meeting in The capital market. A flashback shows that over time there has become over 5,000 meetings. Financial Hearings Award has been awarded for 19 years to Sweden s best presenters. This year marks the sixth time that a jury takes the winners. Program 10:00 Financial Brunch 10:30 The Financial and Industrial Future with FH 20 Years 11:30 FH Award 13:00 Financial Hearings goes on Bandy Figure-skating got there first with a SM 1895, where the legendary Ulrich Salchow became one of the first champions whose legendary jumps still are within the figure skaters program. The Swedish Bandy finale is the Swedish ice and the team sport s absolute cradle and was played for the first time already in What about our ice sport and its origins - did you know that Vikings skated on animal bones around Birka? What will happen in the future with the ice? The art of skating are certainly there - but how? - Natural ice, artificially frozen ice or plastic ice? We hope and believe that The Bandy Final in their new vintage at Friends Arena actually can become Sweden s own response to the Super Bowl. Registration, information, and prices and questions to or PS Need some accommodation - we recommend Radisson Frösundavik We recommend after the Award the subway from Kungsträdgården to Näckrosen, then a 10 minutes walk to the Friends Arena, where we join the program in place. Yours sincerely Per-Erik Holmstrom, Johan Wallinder and Einar Brekkan Financial Hearings ABOUT FH AWARD Background presentation rates: Financial Hearings has for 20 years been an organizer of financial presentations for the capital market and has honored every year a number of prizes to the best Swedish presenters, in order to stimulate the presentation art. Presentation Art is central to everything business creation in building companies, which often precedes the presentation of capital and environs. An art as the corporate markets grows in size, both in percentage and geography. We therefore decided to boost up decision-making, for the prices, with a jury comprised of leading IR and PR consultants. Selection and Criteria: The selection is all Swedish public presentations to the financial market. There are three main criteria: Continuity, Reach and Performance *. The first two are measurable and objective. The last is more subjective and judged by Financial Hearings and Jury Group. We look at all types of presenters around the capital market where the entire jury group is free to submit proposals. Financial Hearings Assessment of Performance * Presentation task weighed against the results, ie the results after the presentation. In the Financial Hearings presentation model, there are four basic types presentation times where it s about how to manage expectations and where the aftertaste is largely the determining factor. First High expectations of the audience where the message contains a high degree of fulfillment 2nd High expectations of the audience where the message contains a low degree of fulfillment 3rd Low expectations of the audience where the message contains a high degree of fulfillment 4th Low expectations of the audience where the message contains a low degree of fulfillment Ps. This presentation model is established in the book of Investor Relations

4 Årets Presentatör - Kandidater 2012 Jan Carlsson och Mats Ödman, Autoliv Olof Persson, Volvo Ola Rolen, Hexagon Hans Vestberg, Ericsson Ronnie Leten, Atlas Copco Johan Malmquist, Getinge Anders Sundström, Folksam Olof Faxander, Sandvik 2011 Annika Falkengren SEB och Johan Molin Assa Abloy 2010 Tom Johnstone, SKF 2009 Mia Brunell Kinnevik 2008 Michael Wolf, Intrum Justitia 2007 Mats Jansson SAS 2006 Jan Johansson, Boliden och Håkan Bryngelsson Vasakronan Tom McKillop, Astra Zenecas Management och Fredrik Arp, Trelleborgs Management 2004 Lars Pettersson, Sandvik och Bo Dankis, Assa Abloy 2003 Leif Johansson, Volvo och Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Tele Lars Westerberg, Autoliv och Atlas Copco s Group Management 2001 Arne Karlsson, Ratos och Leif Östling, Scania 2000 Marcus Wallenberg, Investor och Skandia s Group Management 1999 Claes Reuterskiöld, Industrivärden och Carl-Henric Svanberg, Assa Abloy 1998 Arne Mårtensson, Handelsbanken och Reinhold Geijer, Föreningssparbanken 1997 Vesa Vainio, Merita och Hans Dalborg, Nordbanken 1996 Björn Wolrath, Skandia 1995 Björn Swedberg, S-E-Banken 1994 Marcus Storch, Aga 1993 Michael Treschow, Atlas Copco Årets Moderator - Kandidater 2012 Bile Daar, Danske Bank Stefan Andersson, SEB Enskilda Kristoffer Liljeberg Svensson, Carnegie Henrik Mitelman, DI Daniel Svensson, Börsveckan Torbjörn Isacson, SVD Caroline Sundewall 2011 Nichlas Fhärm, SEB Enskilda och Günther Mårder, Aktiespararna 2010 Niklas Ekman Carnegie och Lennart Ekdal TV Anders Eriksson Enskilda och Pontus Herin VA 2008 Rodney Alfven, Cheuvreux 2007 Tobias Kaj, Handelsbanken, Peter Benson, Börsveckan 2006 Christian Wierup Carnegie, Julian Beer SEB Enskilda 2005 Rodney Alfvén, Cheuvreux 2004 Christian Wierup, Carnegie och Daniel Djurberg, Kaupthing Bank 2003 Lars-Åke Bokenberger, Alfred Berg 2002 F. Lithell Carnegie, J.Andersson Nordea, T. Johansson Enskilda och A. Bruzelius Danske Bank 2001 Fredrik Lithell, Carnegie och John Hernander,Alfred Berg 2000 Fredrik Grevelius, Carnegie och Rodney Alfven, Alfred Berg 1999 Hans-Olov Bornemann, Deutsche Bank och Christer Beckard, Handelsbanken 1998 Lars-Åke Bokenberger, Alfred Berg 1997 Patrik Tillman, Alfred Berg 1996 Patrik Tillman, Alfred Berg 1995 Raoul Grunthal, Finanstidningen, Lage Jonasson, Servisen 1994 Björn Jansson, Alfred Berg, Dag Klerfelt 1993 Per Afrell, Dagens Nyheter Årets Internationella Presentatör - Kandidater 2012 Börje Ekholm, Investor Tom Johnstone, SKF Johan Molin, Assa Abloy Daniel Ek Spotify Michael Treschow Unilever Remy Nilsson, ATG Jan Johansson, SCA 2011 Jan Carlsson Autoliv och Niklas Zennström Skype 2010 Leif Johansson Volvo och Finansminister Anders Borg 2009 Carl Henrik Svanberg, Ericsson 2008 Börje Ekholm, Investor AB 2007 Börje Ekholm, Investor AB 2006 Carl-Henrik Svanberg, Ericsson, Lars Josefson Vattenfall och Lars Westerberg, Autoliv 2005 Carl-Henrik Svanberg, Ericsson och Lars Westerberg, Autoliv 2004 Marcus Wallenberg, Investor och Carl-Henrik Svanberg, Ericsson 2003 Carl-Henrik Svanberg, Ericsson och Lars Westerberg, Autoliv 2002 Thomas Berglund, Securitas och Carl-Henrik Svanberg, Assa Abloy 2001 Marcus Wallenberg, Investor Årets Samspel Kandidater 2012 Verkstadsbolagens Kapitalmarknadsdagar under hösten 2012 Mats Leifland för arbetet med Medicon Village i Lund Ronnie Lenen och Hans Ola Meyer, Atlas Copco Mats Ödman, Autoliv Christer Johansson, Wihlborgs 2011 Peter Åhlander för Initiativet till Göteborgs Kapitalmarknadsdag 2010 Börsföretagen i Verkstad och Bilindustrin för Kapitalmarknadsdagarna i Shanghai, (SKF, Atlas Copco, Volvo, Sandvik, Trelleborg, Alfa Laval och Autoliv) 2010 Hållbart värdeskapande, init. f. större inst:a omf. nästan Miljarder på Börsen 2009 Torsten Jansson för initiativet till Smålands Kapitalmarknadsdag 2008 Paulsson bolagens Kapital Marknadsdagar i Båstad 2007 Fastighetsbolagen i Malmö, Annehem, Brinova, Peab, Peab Industri, Wihlborgs 2006 Inga Lundberg Unibet och Laurence Westerlund SEB 2005 Boliden och OMX 2004 SKF, Sandvik och Volvo 2003 Vasakronan, Scania och Sandvik 2002 SAS och SEB 2001 Öresund 2000 Sandvik, Autoliv and SEB 1999 Vasakronan och Europolitan (Vodafone) 1998 Skanska Årets CFO - Kandidater 2012 Åsa Bergström, Fabege Göran Bronner, Swedbank Christer Johansson, Wihlborgs Jan Ytterberg, Scania Per Ola Holmström, Nolato 2011 Ann Sofie Danielsson, NCC, 2010 Nils-Johan Andersson, Lindab och Johan Risberg, Kungsleden 2009 Håkan Bergström Elekta 2008 Bo Jacobsson Trelleborg, Thomas Thuresson, Alfa Laval Leif Persson, HM 2007 Monica Elling, Intrum Justitia Lars Wedenborn, Investor 2006 Göran Jansson, Assa Abloy 2005 Håkan Zadler, Tele Hans-Ola Meyer, Atlas Copco

5 Årets Small Cap - Kandidater 2012 Hans Porat, Nolato Christian Hermelin, Fabege Johan Sjöö, Addtech Mikael Oredsson, Probi Erik Selin, Balder Peter Wolpert, Moberg Derma Ray Mauritzon, Axis, Per Lindberg, Billerud Gerteric Lindquist, Nibe KarlTheden, Transmode Torbjörn Bjerke, Karolinska Development 2011 Gustaf Hermelin Klövern och Henrik Tjernström, Unibet, 2010 Anders Jarl, Wihlborgs, 2009 Lars Stugemo HiQ 2008 Petter Nylander, Unibet, 2007 Christian Jansson, Kapp Ahl, Nils Vinberg, Björn Borg, Peter Aru, Cardo 2006 Anders Englund Prevas och Magnus Brännström Oriflame 2005 Rune Torbjörnsen & Ingvar Karlsson, Doro och Niklas Storåkers, Avanza 2004 Keith Russell, Transcom och Dan Olofsson, Telecas Management 2002 Mikael Jacobsson, Nexus och Patrik Enblad, HQ Årets Micro Cap - Kandidater 2012 Per Bengtsson, KaroBio Johan Ryding, Sportamore Robert Karlsson, Shelton Petroleum Lars Stenlund, Vitec Karl Tobieson, Medcap Sven Andreasson, Isconova 2011 Ulf Rostedt Itab, Ola Norberg Alltele 2010 Jörgen Qwist, DGC, Yvonne Mårtensson Cellavision, Ingemar Lagerlöf Linkmed, 2009 Michael Oredsson, Probi, Fredrik Lindgren Biolin 2008 Johan Frilund, Sensys Traffic 2007 Sarah Fredriksson, Genovis, Susanna Bervå, Ark Travel 2006 Jan Bengtsson Uniflex och Marika Philipsson, Wise Group 2005 Torbjörn Ranta, Central Asia Gold 2004 Nils Vinberg, Björn Borg WBM AB och Per Spångberg, Biolin Årets Rookie - Kandidater 2012 Johan Ryding, Sportamore Lars Blecko, Loomis Jeffrey McDonough, Sobi Organisation Klarna 2011 Jens Henriksson Nasdaq OMX 2010 Ronnie Leten Atlas Copco, Hans Vestberg Ericsson, 2009 Jesper Kärrbrink, Eniro 2008 Tom Dinkelspiel, Burgundy, Klas Balkow, Clas Ohlsson 2007 Michael Wolf, Intrum Justitia 2006 Johan Molin Assa Abloy och Annika Falkengren SEB 2005 Petter Nylander, Unibet och Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, Kaupthing Bank 2004 Björn Wahlroos, Sampo och Pontus Lesse, Unibet 2003 Bo Dankis, Assa Abloy 2002 Sigge Haraldsson, Alfa Laval och Sigurdur Einarsson, Kaupting Bank 2001 Lars Bertmar, Carnegie 2000 Jan Werne, Utfors och Tomas Franzen, AU-System 1999 Jonas Birgersson, Framfab Årets Specialpris - Kandidater 2012 Mats Ödman, Autoliv Peter Reijler, Rejlers 2011 Maria Wetterstrand, för hela resan med Miljöpartiet 2010 Mats Leifland, Peab resa f småföretag m priv ägare t institutionellt genombrott 2010 Catarina Lagerstam, civilkurage i en pressad situation 2009 Michael Wolf, för återskapandet av Swedbanks ryktbarhet 2008 Axfoods Kapitalmarknadsdag f upplägget m genomg Q/A på hela dagen 2007 Petter Nylander, Unibet, Per E Larsson, Christer Gardell 2006 Göran Jansson, Assa Abloy och Erik Paulsson Fabege 2005 Håkan Zadler, Tele Hans-Ola Meyer, Atlas Copco 2003 Fredrik Arp, Trelleborg och Intrum Justitia 2002 Alf Göransson, NCC 2001 Håkan Bryngelson,Vasakronan Årets Firma 2007 Priset slutade delas ut 2006 Carnegie och SEB Enskilda 2005 Carnegie 2004 Enskilda Securities och Alfred Berg 2003 Alfred Berg 2002 Alfred Berg 2001 Alfred Berg 2000 Carnegie 1999 Alfred Berg 1998 Alfred Berg 1997 Alfred Berg 1996 Alfred Berg 1995 Alfred Berg 1994 Finanstidningen 1993 Finanstidningen

6 TALARE Bank Björn Wolrath Skandia Hans Dalborg Nordea Reinhold Geijer FSB Björn Swedberg Lars Thunell Annika Falkengren SEB Rickard Björklund Mikael Vikberg Matteus Vesa Vainio Merita Carl Johan Granvik Nordea Björn Wahlros Sampo Sigurdur Sigurdursson Hreidar Mar Kaupthing Lage Jonasson Nordiska Michael Rasmussen Unibank Bo Engström Svenska Brand Olof Stenhammar Per E Larsson OM Ulf Dahlsten Posten Gunnar Ericsson Nordiska Bo Söderberg Föreningssparbanken Stefan Dahlbo Anders Böös Patrik Enblad HQ Bo Ingemarsson If Lars Erik Pettersson Skandia John Giverholt Den Norske Bank Lars Wohlin Christer Bergquist Stadshypotek Staffan Blomberg Carl Viggo Östlund Salus Ansvar Nordnet Jacob Kaplan Nordnet Peter Buttenschön Hoist Simon Ntahansson NeoNet Klas Danielsson Nordnet Niklas Storåkers Martin Tiveus Avanza Per Båtelson Capio Lars Bertmar Carnegie Peter Sjunnesson Jan Roxendahl Mikael Wolf Lars Wollung Monica Elling Intrum Justitia Simon Nathansson Thorwald Bohlin NeoNet Birgitta Johansson Hedberg Swedbank Ole Nielsen Capinordic Ullf Grunnesjö Robert Bergkvist Laurence Westerlund SEB Håkan Nyberg Nordnet Thomas Bacteman Swedbank Fastighet Claes Björk, Skanska Håkan Bryngelson Vasakronan Erik Paulsson Storheden Wihlborg och Fabege, Kjell-Åke Dahlström Prifast Lennart Schönning Näckebro Sven Olsson Scancem Carl-Erik Stålberg Johan Skoglund Claes-Magnus Åkesson JM Sverker Lerheden Tornet Roland Nilsson Scandic Hotels Erik Åsbrink Claes Kjellander Vasakronan Olov Agri Thomas Billing Huvudstaden Jan Sjökvist NCC Jan Jeppsson Siab Per Uhlen Diös Jens Engwall Thomas Erseus Johan Risberg Kungsleden Kent Gravesen Sifab Dag Klerfelt Evidentia Sven Olsson Scancem Roland Nilsson Scandic Bengt Levin Tomas Erseus J&W Lars Söderblom Piren Lan Owe Holmen Per Granath Torbjörn Torell SCC Olle Nordström FFNS Anders Wiklander Norrporten Sven Olof Johansson FastPartner Håkan Birke Arcona Anders Nissen Pandox Olle Persson Capona Jan Lilja Stancia Anders Johansson Mandamus Anders Silverbåge Gustaf Hermelin Brinova Anders Jarl Wihlborgs Greg Dingisian Gotic Johan Karlström BPA Torbjörn Seiffert Asticus Bengt Madsen Anders Jarl Christer Johansson Wihlborgs Per-Ola Holmquist Exab Wigon Thuresson Jan Qvarnström Securum Lars Wuoppio Siab Mats O Paulsson Mats Paulsson Jan Johansson Jesper Göransson Mats Leifland Gösta Sjöström Peab Gunnar Grönkvist ÅF Gunnar Mässing NK Fastigheter Ingvar Hertzmann Balder Anders Nissen Pandox Claes Hjort Home Properties Christian Hermelin Åsa Bergström Claus Wikström Hnasen Fabege Gustav Hermelin Lars Sköld Klövern Lennart Jeding Råckstahus Hans Wallenstam Wallenstam Mats Mared Drott Arcona Mats Cederholm Diligentia Nils Hedberg Heba Ivo Stopner Hufvudstaden Lars Erik Jansson Håkan Hellström Castellum Peter Hallgren Catena Tomas Stenqvist Isokern Roger Stjernborg Eriksson Peter Olsson Dagon Peter Strand Annehem Unni Åström Victoria Park Daniel Skoghäll Drott Christer Sundin Diös Jonas Wiström ÅF Birger von Hall Claes Levin Platzer Sven Arne Friberg Realia Birgitta Hedlund Bra Hus Gustaf Hermelin Klövern Brinova Rutger Arnhult Corem Klövern Britt Mari Einar Klövern Per Gunnar Persson Platzer Ulf Johansson Stena Fastigheter Erik Selin Håkan Engstam Corem Torbjörn Wiberg Folksam David Brodetsky Carl Gustaf Nilsson Lindab Inga Lill Berglund Atrium Ljungberg Lars Swahn Bostadsfonden Unni Åström Victoria Park Shoichi Tomita Seibu Group Investment Marcus Wallenberg Lars Wedenborn Magnus Dalhammar Investor Clas Reutersköld Anders Nyren Industrivärden Stig Nordin Vigo Carlund Kinnevik Urban Jansson Arne Karlsson Ratos Stefan Dalbo Mats Qviberg Sven Hagströmer Öresund Lars Gårdö Atle Christer Gardell Custos Bengt och Petter Stillström Traction Roger Holtback Peter Sandberg Bure Börje Andersson Hexagon Jan Carlzon Johan Wachtmeister Ledstjernan Caspar Callerström, EQT Partners Michael Lillius Incentive Ulf Hedlund Swolder Sten Thunberg Tommy Boork Finnveden Sigurd Walldal Hans Ljungkvist Geveko Teodor Dalensson Peter Ekelund Novestra Per Håkan Börjesson Per Andersson Spiltan Stefan Charette Custos Jessica Stael von Holstein Extended Capital Group Fredrik Grevelius Öresund Stefan Charette Creades Bo Pettersson Stefan Edberg Case, Carl Magnus Kindahl Thenberg Kinde Johan Eriksson Stefhan Klang Catella David Malmström Vinovo Johan Heijbel Novestra Mia Brunell Livfors Torun Litzen Kinnevik Harry Klagsbrun, EQT Partners Anders Sundström Folksam Peter Elan Håkansson East Capital Explorer Peter Benson Sunstone Capital Thomas Flinch Centrecourt Media Bengt Braun Marieberg Torbjörn Larsson Björn Nordstrand TV4 Pelle Törnberg MTG och Metro Hans Holger Albrecht MTG Lennart Forss VLT Björn Bjurman Kjell Thörnbring Elanders Tomas Franzén Eniro Bo Lundquist Anders Igel Essellte Christer Forsström TV4 MTV Olle Langelius Per Rastin Paul Östling Ecovision Göran Angesten Per Samuelsson Strålfors Magnus Ehrenstråle Graphium Thor Rössum Bongs Lars Fredriksson Tryckindustri Robert Lundberg Observer Patrick Svensk Zodiak Television Peter Zederowsky Paradox Entertainment Johanna Fagrell-Köhler ONE Media Patrik Mellin Mediaprovider Intellecta Lars Fredriksson Flemming Brenholt Graphium Anders Johansson Timespace Radio Michael De Jong Easy T Pål Kruger Radio Design Björn Krantz Johan Öhman Per Eriksson Net Entertainment Pontus Lindvall Bettsson Johan Lindgren Jesper Kärrbrink Eniro Lars Lindquist One Carl Johan Högbom Alternativa Marknaden Peter Levin Forestlight Entertainment Konsument och Handel Lennart Bohlin Cloetta Jens Spendrup Spendrups Clas Balkow Gert Karnberger Jan Skarner Clas Ohlsson Christian W.Jansson Johan Åberg KappaAhl Mikael Solberg RNB Göran Bernhoff Orrefors Pergo Salvatore Grimaldi Monark Stiga Torsten Jansson New Wave Göran Linden Swedish Match Kjell Apelquist Fjällräven Frank Teneberg Folkebolagen Anders Börjesson Bergman och Beving Nils Erik Johansson Hemköp Jan Björk PLM Per-Olof Söderberg Dahl Gunnar Skoogs Skoogs Håkan Villen Hansdsmakaren Sven Mattsson Magnus Brännström Oriflame Roland Nilsson Wedin Ulf Wahlstedt NSP Holding Arthur Engel GANT Nils Vinberg Björn Borg Peter Elmlund NetonNet JC Ragnar Bringert Sardus Anders Halvarsson Netonnet Jan Åkesson Tybring Gjedde Torbjörn Möller Nöjespatrullen Åke Nordin Fjällräven Anders Rothstein Lammhult Christer Haglund Caperio Cales Göran Sylven Hakon Invest Jerome Arnaud Doro Theodor Dalenson WeSC Johan Ryding Sportamore Kristoffer Eklund USports Thomas Larsson Box Destilleri Transport och Service Lars Carlsson Hans Noren Göran Hermansson Conordia Maritime Bror Anders Månsson City Mail Jörgen Lindegard Mats Jansson Sture Stolen SAS Henrik Tjernström Petter Nylander Pontus Lesse Unibet Gunnar Malm Jörgen Ekberg ASG Tomas Berglund Securitas Håkan Larsson Bilspedition Ronald Bergman Anders Berg Nordström & Thulin Björn Ersman Argonaut Claernece Dybeck Ola Lorentzon ICB Lars Carlsson Concordia Lennart Bylock Folke Patriksson Bylock & Nordsjöfrakt, Roland Nilsson Scandic Kjell Jonsson Frontline Bo Lerenius Stena Line Ole Oftedal Linjebuss Jan Erik Nilsson Gotlandsbolaget Kent Flodberg Svenska Orientlinjen Fredrik Olsson Optimail Erik Strand Poolia Uniflex Jan Bengtsson Uniflex Johan Eriksson Poolia Alf Johansson Lars Wahlström Proffice Fredrik Olsson Optimail Torbjörn Johansson CTT Lennart Käll Anders Holst Dag Tvetarås Ticket Eva Eriksson Norgani Susanna Bervå Ark Travel Johan Schilow Unlimited Travel Group Eric Wallin DIBS Payment Services Leif Lundin TravelPartner Per Ericsson Bengt Jönsson PSI Spelinvest Per Hildebrand 24hPoker Marika Philipson Wise Group Magnus Modin Relation&Brand Keith Russell Transcom Jonas Sundvall Redbet Lennart Sinmonsson Broström Peter Johan Sigvardsson BossMedia Tom Boosten Jobline Pontus Lindwall Cherry Filip Engelbert KontaktEast Johan Sagen Erik Svanlund Friluftsbolaget Läkemedel och MedTech Björn Nordenwall Fred Driscoll Richard Chin Oxigene Håkan Mogren Lars E Larsson AstraZeneca Jan Ekberg Pharmaia Mats Fischier Perbio Simon Thaning Björn Wahlgren Paynova Fredrik Burvall Cheryföretagen Mats Sundström Simon Burgess Rob Wilson Urban Gillström Örjan Frid Tradedoubler Eric Wallin Dibbs Fredrik Sellgren Keynote Media Group Nina Wahlberg United Media Björn Wallin Panaxia Johan Eriksson Poolia Thorwald Bolin Redbet Formpipe Christian Sundin Morgan Jallinder NSP Holding Magnus Greko Opus Group Dan Magnusson Railcare Thomas Ringström Group Axlon Life Science Läkemedel och MedTech Björn Nordenwall Fred Driscoll Richard Chin Oxigene Håkan Mogren Lars E Larsson AstraZeneca Jan Ekberg Pharmaia Mats Fischier Perbio Mikael Lillius Gambro Curt Hansson Refat el Sayed Hebi Health Carei Anders Essen Möller Biosyn och Diamyd Medicals Elisabeth Lindner Diamyd Medicals Bo Håkansson Active Biotech och W Sonesson Anders Lövgren Fermenta Sven Andreasson Active Biotech Bengt Ågerup Q-Med Jonas Frick Lars Adlersson Börje Darpö Rein Pir Medivir Jan Olof Bruer Sectra Anders Cedronius Hans Rosen Kari Dnof Artimplant Fredrik Lindgren Biolin Kaj Vareman Per Bengtsson Per Ola Forsberg Mikael Oredsson Prob Harald Baurer Sverker Littorin Elekta Arne Bojjensson Althin Claes Holmberg Mediteam Ola Magnusson Gibeck Thomas Hammargren Biora Tord Lendau BIP Per Egeborg Minidoc Akbar Seddig Mikael Stridlund Ortrivus Mikael Strindlund Ingemar Lagerlöf Okee Williams LinkMed Andreas Bunge Accelerator P-O Wallström Karo Bio Bo Håkansson Emanuel Björne Hansa Medical Gun-Britt Fransson Alligator Bioscience Sarah Fredriksson Genovis Kurt Nilsson Glycorex Peter Åsberg Midelfart Spnesson Per Spångberg Biolin Alex Molvin Capilon Termo Holding Jan Nilsson Tripep Elisabeth Lindner Diamyd Medical Erik Hedlund C-RAD Hans Arwidsson Niklas Brandt Eurocine Vaccines Anders Weilandt Stille Göran Wessman Vita Nova Ventures Torbjörn Bjerke Claes Wenzel Orexo Ulf Söderberg Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition Sverker Littorin New Science Hans Berglund Ospol Karl Kristian Jenssen New Nordic Healthbrands Zsolt Lavotha Orexo Anders Lönner Meda Karin Wehlin Christer Fåhraeus Respiratorius Johan Malmquist Getinge Jonas af Jochnick Medicover Anders Sjöholm Lennart Molvin W Sonesson Jack Forsgren Nobel Biacore John Conklin Minidoc Ulf Jönsson Biacore Pyro Erik Wallden Peter Svalander Thomas Axelsson Vitrolife Kicki Wallje Lund Greg Dingizian W Sonesson Hans Flodin USP Health Care Claes Stenlander Ortivus Karl Tobieson MedCap Per Båtelson Tobias Linebäck Global Health Partner Torbjörn Gerke Benjamin Nordin Karolinska Development Ingemar Kihlström Ulf Boberg Creative Antibiotics Gunnar Casserstedt Fredrik Lindgren Per Bengtsson KaroBio Julian Aleskov Oasmia Clical Lars Erik Eriksson Clinical Laserthermia System Mats Leifland Medicon Village AstraZeneca Lars E Larsson Peter Wolpert Moberg Derma Torbjörn Bjerke Claes Wenzel Orexo Anders Weilandt Stille David Rönnberg Bringwell Emanuel Björne Hansa Medical Thomas Gustafsson Micropos Jörgen Petersson Magnus Aurell Exini Ernst Westman Boule Gunn Britt Fransson Alligator Hans Arwidsson Eurosine Vaccines Hans Berglund Ospol Jan Svensson Frej Orasolv Jan Wahlström Biolin Jörgen Gustavsson Respiratorius Bioinvent Svein Mathissen Hans Sundin Oasmia Claus Thulin BioPhausia Christian Hallin MedicPen David H Salomon Zeeland Pharma Frdrik Lindberg BoneSupport Hans Rosen Artimplant Henrik Fagrell Diadrom PledPharma Jaques Näsström Jamal El-Mosleh Immunicum Thorbjörn Kronander Sectra Karl Karlsson Bluefish Pharma Lena Söderström Isconova Martin Waleij Dignitana Mashoud Khayyami Prolight Diagnostics Morten Werner Orasolv Paul de Potocki Aerocrine Peter Rotschild Biogaia Yvonne Mårtensson Cellavision Anders Karlsson Allenex Birdstep Technolog Anders Harrysson Birdstep Technology Anders Lundström Orexo Andreas Bunge Accelerator Bo Madesen LightLab Finn Ketler Vigmed Francois Martelet Topotarget John Collins Oxigene Karl Rickard Nilsson Arterion Michale Edelborg ChristensenMikael Enzymatica Brönnegård NeuroVive Pharmaceutical Monica Walter Ellen Per Anders Gustafsson Avonova Tomas Olin Kancera Jan Sandberg Envirologic Per Olausson Biolight Sarah Fredriksson Genovis Stig Engkvist Dedicare

7 TALARE Telecom Lars Johan Jarnheimer Tele 2 Carl Henric Svanberg Kurt Hellström Ericsson Marianne Nifvert Lars Berg Telia James Rickardsson Cisco Daniel Johannesson Telenor Anders Björkman Netcom Per Wejke Torsten Körsell Jeff Boork Allgon Thomas Isaksson Nordic Tel och Europolitan Jon Risfelt Vodafone Europolitan Jörgen Quist DGC Henric Isacsson Per Andersson Switchcore Bengt Broman LGP Allgon Ari Liukko Tele 5 Stefan Käck Linus Stockelberg JLT Mobile Jan Werne Utfors Tilgin Ola Berglund Tilgin Stefan Krook Jan Edholm Glocalnet Carl Schneider Viking Telecom LGP Mikael Gottschlib Ivar Ströberg Tele 1 Europe Ted Samuelsson KonftelUlf j Johansson Europloitan Jan Edhäll Allgon Fredrik Bonde Rix Telecom Edward Zander SUN Karl Theden Ola Elmelund Transmode Christer Björk Mashmobile Daniel Krook Bredband 2 Ari Liukku Servage IT Jonas Birgersson Framfab Johan Wall Enea Johan Stael von Holstein Ulf Dahlsten Franco Fideli Icon Media Lab Bengt Nilsson Mikael Hallen Alastair Sorbie, IFS Dan Olofsson Sune Nilsson Sigma Niklas Flyborg Mandator Carl Rosvall Protect Data Anders Lidbeck Telelogic Nils Nilsson Orc Software Lars Stugemo HiQ Lars O Pettersson Niklas Flyborg Mandator Dan Olofsson Nick Stammers Dag Sundström Rune Svendsen Thune Teleca Lars Klingstedt Jan Gotlander Sverker Hammarvall Trio Ulf Tangen Entra Data Johnny Alvarsson Elektronikgruppen Mats Adler Cybercom Peter Höjermark Precise Gustaf Ekberg Kipling Kjell Jacobsson Resco Bengt Wallentin Frontec Henric Holm Proact Anders Jonson Stefan Skarin Nocom Tom Löfstedt Frango Hans Löbel Martinsson Christer Jacobsson Connecta Staffan Ahlberg IBS Thomas Franzen AU System Björn Algquist Intentia Torsten Möller Modul 1 Ola Berglund Enea Jan Werne Utfors Erik Heilborn Magnus Wastesson IBS Göran Johansson Cyncrona Magnus Warberth Verimation Anders Alvemo KM Cles Welton Helena Welton Lap Power Anders Reinius HL Display Ingemar Lagerlöf MiniDoc Bo Söderberg Benima Ferrator Erik Danielsson Pricer Paul Lambert Pronyx Ulf Lindgren Fredrik Trädgårdh Net Insight Sverker Lindbo Mirror Image Cles Buhler Rune Torbjörnsen Jerome Arnaud Doro Tomas Bruhl VPE Patrik Lindehag PC Express Hans Johansson Carl Lamm Gino Vittese Linne Data Joakim Hedin IMG Adcore Göran Wågström Kent Karlsson Peter Enström Turn IT Björn Persson Connova Jan Carllzon Helge Tianen Multi Q Jörgen Friman Cetronic Göran Hjelte IMS Data Michael Jacobssson Nexus Muazzam Choudry MSC Martin Carlesund Joakim Richter 3Lsystem Åsa Landén Ericsson Enea Björn Wahlgren Per Sunnemark Lars Ekstedt Paynova Anders Englund Mats Lundberg Göran Lundin Prevas Michael Loria IBM and Telelogic Linus Stockelberg Nocom Mikael Jonson PartnerTech Bo Strandberg Staffan Hanstorp Lars Save AddNode Sven Wallgren Genesis IT Fredrik Sandelin A-Com David Rönnberg Bringwell Henrik Ekelund Tomas Ahlerup BTS Flemming Breinholt XPonCard Group Claes Israelsson PCQT Jan Erik Hedborg ConTextVision Lars Ericson Tomas Gluck Smarteq Örjan Grinndal Effnet Thomas Hanbo ICM Kungsholms Paul de Potocki Aerocrine Mike Shinya IBS Joel Bollö Micro Systemation Ingemar Söderlind RKS Data Ulf Mazur 2Entertainment Theodor Dalenson Johan Larsson WeSC Wictor Phalén EDI-Company Klas Lundgren SeaNet Tomas Duffy Net Insight Tom Löfstedt Frango Lars Wollung Acando Frontec Göran Sigfridsson Fredrik Jönsson Beijer Electronics Anders Nilsson Patrik Syrén Know IT Rikard Akhtarzand Christian Sundin FormPipe Software Andrew Berman Nextlink Harry Vesanen Anders Norling SensysTraffic Axis Ray Mauritsson Fredrik Sjöstrand Axis Jonas Birgersson Labs2 Hans Runesten Effnet Holding Anders Eriksson Softronic Nicolas Ehrling Jeeves Claes Israelsson PCQT Christian Haeger Fotoquick Bertrand Sciard Intentia Håkan Lissinger Anders Dahlström Electra Gruppen John Zetterberg Markku Piippo Swedol Johan Kalling Empire Johan Larsson David Hedman WESC Mikael Lange Peter Löprick Hedson Technologies Bertil Haglund NGS Group Rolf Hollmen SRAB Andor Gerendas Vinovo Alex Molvin Termo Holding Mikael Hult CybAero Hjalmar Ahlberg Polyplank Mikael Reichel SeaNet Göran Carlson Cramo Magnus Nilsson Wayfinder Christian H. Theiste Enpro Martin Carlesund 3L System Dr. Romesh Wadhwani Richard Lawson Intentia&Lawson Steve Callaghan Framfab Anders Norling Sensys Michael Mathiesen Cellpoint Marika Philipson SignOn Johan Lenander Aspiro Jan Andersson Per Åkerberg Readsoft Stefan Oldgren Thomas Lönnegren Focal Point Ulf Björn Polyplank Per Arne Lundberg Proact Tomas Bill Protect Data Håkan Johansson Frontyuard Audidev Jan Barchan Sven Uthorn Dimension Tomas Franzen Song Network Johan Friis Lagercrantz Jan Tidelius Thalamus Anders Ekman Framfab Staffan Ahlberg IBS Rolf Jansson Adera Ole Oftedal Adcore Peter Ragnarsson Axis Jan Forssjö Pricer Håkan Persson Aspiro Mats Larsson Frango Tomas Pileby Obducat Hans Rosen Diffchamb Claes Zettergren Björn Krauss Satsafe Erik Lautmann Alfaskop Harald Nilsonne M2S Marianne Arosenius Softtronic Peter Elmlund Bluemarx Tomas Franzen AU sytem Gunnar Åkerblom Doro Johan Eriksson Get Updated Peter Stockhaus Megacon Bo Nordlander Entra Cybercom Per Bergström Stig Arne Blom IRO Göran Wågström Informatiom Highway Bengt Simonsson Firefly Carl Henrik Hallström Daltek Christer Fähreus C-teq, Karl Hulteberg Net Wise Leif Danielsson Daydream Peter Henricsson Cellpoint Lars Andersson DNG Leif Nordquist Cashguard Jan Owe Forsell Expanda Joachim Karlsson FocalPoint Christer Löwgren Anoto Birger Steen Scandinavia Online Jonas Svensson Smarteq Bengt Starker Cycore Ulf Hermansson B2Xpress Patrick Söderlund Digital Illusion Lars G Larsson Confidence Anders Segermark ACSC Johan Eriksson InfoCast Ola Berglund Mats Wictorin Tillgin Johan Frilund Sensys Traffic Ashkan Pouya Episurf Anna Mossberg Bahnhof Bengt Åke Älgevik Jeeves Erik Hedlund C-Rad Fredrik Jönnsson Beijer Electronics Fredrik Nygren C2Sat Jan Älmeby Fortnox Jens Collskog Fortnox International Johan Wall Enea Klas Lundgren SeaNet Lars Höjgaard Hansen INVISIO Headsets Leif Liljebrunn ZetaDisplay Mikael Strindlund Fredrik Henchel Xcounter Erik Heilborn Mike Shinya IBS Per Björkman Empire Peter Davin Cryptzone Ray Mauritson Axis Thoams Marshall Precise Biometrix Ulf Henning ework Stefan Skarin IAR System Jan Rosenholm Avega Group Joakim Richter 3L System Joel Bollö Micro Systemation Jonas Arnström Stärnafyrkant Leif Erlandsson CybeAero Lennart Johansson Nano Factory Per Wallentin Know IT Jan Olof Hersler Devicom Ulf Söderberg Indiflex Lars Stenlund Vitec Software Group Per Agelli Per Apelgren Connecta Dag Sehlberg Urban Johansson Get Updated Johan Kristiansson Starbreeze Haakan Guldkul Trac Technologies Per-Arne Wiberg Free2move Ulf Masur 2Entertainment Swante Welander ContextVision Vlad Suglobov G5 Entertainment Skog och Kraft Tapio Kuula Fortum Östein Löseth Lars G. Josefsson Vattenfall Sverker Martin Löf Jan Johansson Ulf Söderström Johan Karlsson SCA Marcus Storch AGA Bo Källstrand Lars Enslöv Graninge Lars Frithof Sydkraf Ulf Johansson Spectra Fhysics Olof G Wikström Gullspång, Lennart Ahlgren Assi Leif Broden Södra Björn Hägglund StoraEnso Rolf Ekedahl Per Rodert Munksjö Jaroslav Havlicek Lars Blecko Rottneros Tomas Billing Ragnar Qvarnström Klippan Bert Östlund Per LIndberg Billerud Jan Törner Pilum Jonas Borgardt Elverket Vallentuna Fredrik Cappelen Nobia Göran Brorsson Westergyllen Nils Erik Danielsson Ballingslöv Curt Lindhe Lign Multiwood Bo Hägg Rindt Energi Jan Thörner Pilum Gustaf Ekberg Per Witalisson Eolus Vind Leif Broden Södra Santhe Dahl Vida Ulf Hagström Ecomb Råvaror Jan Johansson Lennart Evrell Boliden Marcus Storch Lennart Selander Aga Leiv-L Nergard Norsk Hydro Eric Fors Forceenergy och West Siberian Oil Maxim Barski West Siberian Oil Ulrik Jansson PA Resources Ian Lundin Lundin Oil Torbjörn Ranta Vostok Nafta Ossi Vänänen Avesta Polarit, Åke Fredriksson Perstorp Claes Lindquist Alrik Danielsson Höganäs Kjell Moreborg Scan Mining Göran Kroon Caran Torsten Börjemalm Terra Mining Tore Hallberg Wermands Guld Paul Hammargren Tricorona Magnus Nordin Sands Petroleum Stefan Sard Nordifa Jan Lundqvist Benchmark Oil and Gas Mikael Hult CybAero Ulf Björn Polyplank Michael Nilsson Nordic Mines Mikael Berglund Drillcon Magnus Nordin Tethys Oil Leif Larsson Capital Oil Martin Svalstedt Stena Adactum Peter Hjorth Guideline Oil Drilling Technology Dr John Cubbitt Black Rock Oil and Gas Kai Solberg-Hansen Thule Drilling Thomas Sjölin Nolato Torbjörn Gunnarsson Varyag Resources B jörn Grufman Tricorona AB Lukas Lundin Tanyayika Oi Lars Göran Olsson Riddarhyttan Anders Haker Kjell Larsson Lappland Goldminers Karl Axel Waplan Anders Antonsson Northland Resources Bengt Ljung Botnia Explration Björn Grufman Kilsta Mettalvärden Christer Lindquist Nordic Iron Ore Denis Alexandrov Auriant Mining Fredrik Zetterström Latvian Forest Jon Fangel Cexco Timo Lindberg Sotkamo Silver Lars Åke Claesson Artic Gold Magnus Groth Studsvik Magnus Nordin Tehtys Oil Peter Nygren Arise Windpower Preston Haskell Torbjörn Ranta Central Asia Gold Robert Karlsson Shelton Petroleum Thomas Lundgren Kopparberg Mineral Ulrik Jansson Crown Energy Clive Sinclair Beowulf Mining Anders Ohlsson Cassandra Oil Mats Svensson Borewind Petter Elmstedt Jan Lundquist Benchmark Oil Maks Grinfeld Petrogrand Kopy Goldfield Per Storm Kopparberg Rolf Ljunggren Cortus Energy Anna Daun Wester Kopylovskoye Ctaharina Ihre SSAB Joakim Nord Stureguld Markus Ekberg Endomines Ulo Adamsson Trogon Agri Jan Nilsson Tripep Leif Larsson Capital Oil Per Morin Nexam Chemical Fordon Lars Westerberg Autoliv, Owe Andersson Mekonomen Bengt Halse Saab Leif Östling Per Hillström Scania Leif Johansson Volvo Lars Westerberg Jan Carlsson Mats Ödman Autoliv Mats Jansson Kjell Åkesson Kent Angergård Catena och Bilia Alf Ekström Kabe Verkstad Claes-Åke Hedström Lars Pettersson Olof Faxander Helene Gunnarsson Jan Lissåker Magnus Larsson Sandvik Kjell Nilsson Peter Nilsson Fredrik Arp Bo Jacobsson Trelleborg, Michel Treschow Guilio Mazzalupi Gunnar Brock Ronnie Leten Hans Ola Meyer Mattias Olsson Atlas Copco Carl Henric Svanberg Johan Molin Bo Dankis Assa Abloy Peter Augustsson Tom Johnstone SKF Anders Wall Curt Lönnström Beijer-Alma Lennart Nilsson Kjell Svensson Peter Aru Cardo Jan Björk PLM Bjarne Holmquist Görsn Geselius Gunnebo Lars Flink Sandblom & Stohne Tomas Older Alf Göransson Svedala Leif Boman Hans Miver Errce Lars Wshlberg Brukens Nordic Carl Rosenblad Ove Hansson Consuilium Agne Svenberg OEM Jonas Svantesson Kalmar Industrier Sigge Haraldsson Lars Rehnström Thomas Thuresson Alfa Laval Börje Andersson Ola Rollen Hexagon Carl Erik Ridderstråle BT Industrier Lars Åke Rydh Nefab Joen Magnusson Skrinet Per Olof Hygren Fristadt S-G Oskarsson Opcon Ingvar Pettersson Optovent Anders Andersson Swepart/VBG Anders Börjesson Stefan Wigren Bergman Beving Johan Sjöö Addtech Rudolf Sillen Novacast Hans Johansson SemconB ert-eric Lindquist Nibe Industrier Rune Glavare Leif Thorwaldsson Partnertech Jan Ola Wirehn Itab Shop Concept Steve Dawson SinterCast Mats O Paulsson PEAB Industri Johan Kristiansson Starbreeze Anders Rabbe Owe Linton Borevind Mats Nordström TracTechnology Lars-Olof Bergsten Precomp Solutions Dan Magnussson Railcare Group Martin Svalstedt Stena Adactum Christer Bergquist Countermine Technologies Peter Rejler Rejlers Lennart Svensson Water Jet Roger Bergqvist Christer Lenner Gunnebo Ind. Johnny Alvarsson Indutrade Erik Albinsson Lennart Olofsson Duroc Anders Birgersson VBG Group Bertil Persson Beijer Alma Hans Svensson NovaCast Göran Carlson Cramo Jörgen Zahlin OEM International Hans Ljungkvist Geveko Hans Johansson Semcon Kurt Jofs Segerström Svensson Peter Cederquist Gesta Holding Jan Erik Dantoft Haldex Peter Nyqvist Electrlux Nils Arthur Peter Shöön Profilgruppen Ulf Rostedt ITAB Steve Dawson Sintercast Per Borgwall Christer Lenner Gunnebo Erik Albinsson Duroc Fredrik Westin Deflamo Jonas Brorsson Elos Roger Holtback Fredrik Westman Finnveden Bulten Jonas Wiström ÅF Mårten Öbrink Agellis Group Nils Nilsson Parans Solar Lightening Olle Westblom Sivers IMA Patrik Brandt Röranalysgruppen Thomas Hansbo ICM Kungsholms Tony Malmström Miris Holding Johan Stenberg Xavitech Lars Olof Bergsten Precomp Solutions Anders Brismo Aqueri Gerhard Engström Systemair Fredrik Reuben 3L System Rolf Hasselström Opcon Ulf Björn Polyplank Per Henriksson Arc Arome Pure Övriga Ingvar Carlsson, Björn Hellberg, Marianne Flink S&P, Tom Wachtmeister, Curt Nicolin, Ian Wachtmeister Göran Kropp Lynge Blak Anne Rhenman Laurence Westerlund Ken Yaffe Frank Nakano Wang Long Zhang Yuan, Anders Olshov, Peter Honeth

8 MODERATORER Alfred Berg Björn Jansson Lars-Åke Bokenberger Patrik Tillman Michael Grundberg Patric Lindquist Svante Rasmusson Stefan Lundewall Magnus Behm Magnus Angenfelt Jonas Fredriksson John Hernander Jan Werding Rodney Alfven Axel S Andersen Julius Klominek Sandra Frimann Clausen Jacob Wall Patrick Clase Thomas Öquist Mattias Häggblom Johan Sjöö Elisabeth Langby Mattias Cullin Lars Norrby Peter Irblad Lars Heindorf Gustaf Lindskog Karl Berglund Paula Treutiger Henrik Fröjd Christaian Roos Daniel Gustafsson Inge Heydorn Johan Klevby Erik von Ehrenheim Mattias Karlkjell Peter Kurt Nielsen Enskilda Björn Jansson Fredrik Carlsson Niklas Fhärm Anders Eriksson Roland Jonsson Anders Trapp Stefan Cederberg Rickard Nilsson Annikka Espander Jansson Daniel Schidt Leif Pettersson Andreas Ekström Helena Norman Knutsson Thomas Johansson Julian Beer Fredrik Nygren Peter Quist Erik Nyman Stefan Mattsson Cecilia Lannebo Monika Elling Lars Sveder Oskar Herdland Ola Asplund Mats Nyström Fredrik Grenestedt Göran Torne Erik Schotd Peter Karlsson Stefan Andersson Andreas Joelsson Johan Grabe Jeff Saul Bengt Claesson Lars Hevreng Johan Tissell Mats Thoren Rickard Rosenbacke Cecilia Parsman Tore Davegårdh Göran Ivermark Mattias Wallander Niels Leth Andreas Joelsson Per Trygg Per Gunnar Siden Christopher Lyrheim Hampus Broden Nicholas McBeath Johanna Ahlquist Jonas Ahlström Gustaf Vahlne Stefan Nelson Daniel Schmidt Carnegie Peter Lagerlöf Björn Jansson Christian Wierup Niklas Ekman Fredrik Grevelius Fredrik Skoglund Jan Werding Staffan Knafve Peter Dahlander Andreas Ekström Peter Lagerlöf Torbjörn Tufvesson Johan Sjöberg Johan Ståhl Peter Sellei Thomas Öquist Fredrik Litell Ola Asplund Oscar Stjerngren Kjell Sjöwall Gustaf Von Essen Anders Idborg Anders Bruzelius Tommy Erixon Chrostoffer Sjögren Lennart Benson Helena Pettersson Anders Hallberg Per Griberg Erik Granström Marcus Bellander Daniel Djurberg Patrik Linzenbold Karl Berglund Rickard Danielsson Erik Gustafsson Mattias Sjödin Magnus Matstoms Rein Piir Sussanna Urdmark Kristofer Liljeberg Svensson Björn Enarson Christian Brunlid Fredrik Danielsson Johan Lindquist Inge Heydorn Martin Nilsson Mikael Huhtamäki Anders Hallberg Thomas Johansson Mattias Nilsson Mats Holmer Tobias Kaj Christian Hellman Lena Österberg Mikael Löfdah Erik Granström Kristoffer Liljeberg Svenssonl (HQ) Patric Lindquist Olof Nyström Odd Bolin Lars Glemstedt Jonas Sundewall Peter Wallin John Strömgren Anders Elsell Johan Broström Fredrik Martinsson Örjan Röden Hans Hedström Loi Lam Daniel Ek Elena Loven Mattias Cullin Hampus Broden Jesper Norberg Fredreic Cho Annikka Larsson Mattias Martinsson Maria Nilsson Yavor Adel Joakim Westin (Glitnir Fischer) Ola Asplund Anders Elgemyr Bo Edwardssson Carl Olof Björkander Henrik Moberg Joakim Wernersson Johan Svensson Handelsbanken Mikael Sens Anders Roslund Rutger Andersson Tobias Kaj Kenneth Toll Hans Derninger Olof Grenmark Stefan Lundewall Lars Höglund Lars Söderfjell Gunnar Andersson Peter Dahlander Peter Grabe Stefan Wikholm Annikka Espander Jansson Patric Ling Anna Karin Olsson Envall Magnus Emmoth Stefan Wård Christer Beckard Peter Wärleus Tony Rydberg Lennart Eriksson Jona Eixmann Hans Mähler Albin Sandberg Mattias Kindstedt Elisabeth Edwall Björn Danckwardt Cato Hellstenius Hans Mähler Andreas Lundberg Peder Frölen Sussanna Urdmark Carl Holmquist Peter Wärleus Johan Swahn Carolina Kärchen Hampus Engellau Stefan Wård Lars Hallström Anders Hansson Markus Almerud Henrik Kronquist Gustaf Lucander Olof Cederholm Antti Suttelin Martin Allen Jon Hyltner Erik Sandstedt Björn Olander Peder Frölen Martin Nilsson Andreas Lundberg Peter Wallin Anders Tegeback Lars Hallström Erik Hultgård Ålandsbanken (Kaupthing Nordiska - Aragon - Matteus - Bohusbanken - Servisen - Merchant) Lage Jonasson Anders Roslund Lars Söderfjell Erik Nyman Fredrik Skoglund Kenneth Toll Mikael Horal Robert Alldin Göran Källebo Nils Sandstedt Mattias Häggblom Daniel Djurberg John Hernander Conny Granelli Fredrik Tibell Mats Nýström Håkan Persson Claes Vikbladh Anders Kjäll Peter Näslund Ulf Torgrimsson Per Thunander Christer Petterssson Peter Malmquist Hans Edstedt Jan Wolter Mats Olov Lindquist Peter Dombos Bertil Nilsson Björn Barkman Patrik Ling Björn Rönnquist Anna Karin Olsson Mats Halvorsen Kjetil Anthonisen David Hallbäck Bo Börtemark Mikael Hallåker Martin Söder Lars Ola Hellström David Andreasson Albin Tuisanen Peder Frölen Nina Glifberg Jonas Elofsson Benjamin Nordin Harald Öfverholm Jonas Sundin Malin Rylander Mikael Lassen Rickard Rosenbacke Martin Ahlgren Martin Sakari Henrik Persson Martin Bunge Meyer Anders Käll Örjan Törmänen Kjetil Antonisen Leif Ljungquist Hampus Engellau Henrik Alveskog Jesper Norberg Nicholas Alfort Jesper Scheutz Fredrik Lindholm Patrick Egnell Stefan Brännlund Lycke Rikard Westman Jonas Elofsson Carl Johan Blomquist ABG Sundal Collier Jonas Andersson Mikael Grundberg Lars Söderfjell Thomas Johansson Fredrik Grevelius Sigmund Håland Karl Berglund Klas Andersson Ingemar Kihlström Jacob Wall Björn Rönnquist Markus Steinby Patric Clase Olof Cederholm Mattias Karlkjell Jepser Wilgodt Fredrik Grevelius Erik Ejerhed Tobias Ottosson Martin Söder Erik Magnusson Per Robert Jacobsson Fredric Cyon Anders Hillerborg Martin Arnell Christer Magnergård Fredriksson Erik Pettersson Deutsche Bank - DMG - Hägglöf & Ponsbach Fredrik Skoglund Hans Olov Bornemann Roland Jonsson Hans Olov Öberg Kenneth Toll Hans Derninger Johan Strandberg Stefan Lycke Anders Hähnel Peder Hassler Mats Andersson Chatarina Ihre Christofer Sjögren Mattias Karlkjell David Hallbäck Peter Kurt Nielsen Anders Idborg David Hallden Nicklas Ribbing Swedbank ( Skandiabanken ) Anders Roslund Stefan Sundblom Tobias Kaj Mats Larsson Mats Liss Hans Westerberg Rodney Alfven Johan Sivander Anders Bruzelius Andreas Daag Andreas Nyberg Karl Mikael Syding Patrik Nygårds Henrik Sandell Sten Westerberg Ulf Hellzen Lennart B Johansson Johan Unnerus Jonny Sylven Stefan Stjernholm Sven Sköld Jon Hyltner Nicklas Höglund Alexander Vilval Catarina Bernstein Claes Rasmussen Bo Fredriksson Andrej Kledzik Jonas Palmquist Jan Ihrfelt David Andreasson Anna Lienhart Anders Hansson Ola Södermark Peter Näslund Pareto Öhman Anders Roslund Rutger Andersson Helena Norman Knutsson Mikael Gahrton Sten Westerberg Claes Vikbladh Patrick Egnell Torbjörn Gunnarsson Sten Westerberg Anders Westin Gustaf Rehnman Håkan Wiggren Anna Karin Enwall Rolf Karp Klaus Bernpainter Johan Gahm Joakim Grebe Stefan Wiegstrand Lars Höglund David Zaudy David Jacobsson Simon Kjellström Klaus Bernpainter Nordea (S &P) Jonas Andersson Johan Sivander Stefan Wikholm Stefan Lycke Johan Ekwall Paul Hansson Elisabeth Kruth Stefan Wikholm Stefan Lycke Mattias Eriksson Stefan Andersson Catharina Ihre Lars Frick Mattias Gredmark Greger Johansson Jens Cronsten Bertil Nilsson Daniel Schmidt Bo Fredriksson Hans Westerberg Daniel Schmidt Rikard Österman Patrik Ling Daniel Djurberg Johan Grabe Stellan Hellström Maths Liljedal Andreas Brock Redeye Urban Ekelund Stefan Nelson Daniel Schmidtt Jan Gleven David Myslinski Pontus Herin Jonas Elofsson Björn Andersson Magnus Dagel Christian Lee Henrik Alveskog Jan Gleven Greger Johansson Anders Brenner Roger Jansson Johan Grevelius Daniel Lindquist Jonas Blomberg Eric Kramming Klas Palin Peter Östling Hjalmar Ahlberg Danske (Myrberg & Wiklund - ABB Aros - Östgöta) Lars Söderfjell Örjan Röden Thomas Öquist Christer Beckhard Mattias Häggblom Lars Erik Fransson Nicklas Wingren Ribbing Steven Brocker Peter Månsson Lars Glemstedt Mikael Sens Ulrika Slåne Ingemar Kihlström Anders Brenner Stefan Sundell Rickard Bagge Ingemar Persson Anders Bruzelius Fredrik Grevelis Christoffer Sjögren Rickard Rosenbacke Rickard Österman Bertil Nilsson Jonas Andersson Rickard Jakobsson Pål Källsen Paul Hansson Anders Hansson Bile Daar Carl Holmquist Björn Enarsson Oscar Stjerngren Anders Idborg

9 MODERATORER Cheuwreux Rodney Alfven Fredrik Gutenbrant Karl Johan Bonnevier Jeff Saul Mats Andersson Håkan Philipsson Lars Norrby Johan Eliasson Martin Sikorski Nicklas Ekestubbe Peter Karlsson Stefan Wård Erik Penser Thomas Kullman Andreas Nyberg Linus Marmstedt Henric Ingvarsson Stephanie Göthman Bengt Claesson Lars Norrby Johan Edberg Mikael Holm HSBC James Capel Fredrik Grevelius Robert Gärtner Viking Kjellström Mårten Vading Henrik Persson Claes Rasmuusen Stellan Hellström Remium Claes Vikbladh Johan Edberg Johan Isaksson Lars Hallström Robert Alldin Björn Garat Nils Sandstedt UBS Warburg Per Afrell Anders Fagerlund Per Lindberg Olof Cederholm Mårten Vading Albin Sandberg Dagens Medicin Biotech Sweden Loth Hammar Ingrid Stenborg Jörgen Lindquist Frilans Pontus Herin Anders Haskel Lotta Engzell-Larsson Björn Wilke Lotta Mellberg Henric Borgström Dag Klerfelt Mats Blomberg Weje Sanden Johan Lefwander Evli Anders Berg Magnus Axen Pekka Spolander Kleinwort Bensen Peter Lawrence Karl Johan Bonnevier Morgan Stanley Simon Rudolph Trygg Hansa Lars Olbert Affärsvärlden Jon Åsberg Anna Ekelund Dagens Industri Björn Wilke E24 Per Lindvall Torbjörn Isacsson Chef Henrik Frenkel Höängen Annders Thomasson Börsinsikt David Lindström Catella Lennart Göran Hagbarth Schuss Aktienytt Folke Brished Orkla Håkan Persson Anders Roslund Andreas Ossmark Prima Media Lars Ragnar Forsberg Industri o. Shipsbanken Dag Brekke Intitutional Investor Craig Leon Early Warning Claes Göran Kjellander Wall Street Journal Almar Latour SVD Sigfrid Leijonhuvud Julius Beer Lena Hansson Stockpicker Per Bernhult DNB Audun W Iversen Solut Anders Kjäll Raw Material Group Magnus Eriksson Analytikergruppen Herman Sjöberg Veckans Affärer Pontus Schultz Berenberg Bank Fredrik Bitter A Brokers Håkan Philipsson Karl Johan Bonnevier Gransäter Anders Elgemyr Finanstidningen - Finansvision - Financial Times Börsveckan Raoul Grunthal Per Lindwall Jon Åsberg Per Lundsjö Pontus Schultz Staffan Salen Jonas Blomberg Sofie Nachemson- Ekwall Anna Trane Caroline Sundewall Ulf Mårtensson Tomas Petersohn Mats Andersson Rolf Gabrielsson Peter Gimbe Tommy Borglund Andreas Cervenka Katarina Hugo Robert Sennerdahl Anders Haskel Björn Davegård Peter Benson Ulf Pettersson Johan Bergsgård Daniel Svensson Lars Frick Marcus Hallberg Johan Andersson Mikael Törnwall Per Lindwall Anders Käll Martin Ådahl Lena Torlegård Robert Eriksson Viktor Svensson Rodney Alfven Mats Lundstedt Gunnar Wrede Thomas Linnala BACK OFFICE Vi skulle vilja ägna några rader till alla de som under åren hjälpt till med modellen. Jag börjar med alla CFOs tyvärr har vi ett stort mörkertal bland dessa i vår talarlista genom åren. Ett annat stort mörkertal är alla Informationsdirektörer och IR-Personer som hjälpt till och sätta upp alla presentationer genom åren utan dessa hade det aldrig gått. Det glädjer mig att Analytikerföreningen och IR Föreningen SIRA nu slagit samman sina påsar. Medier och PR byråer som hjälper till med FH Award på olika sätt ser till att kvalitéen band våra presentatörer håller yttersta klass: Belin & Stenbeck, Vero, Oxenstierna & Partners, Springtime, Grayling, Aspekta, Fogel Partners, Brunnswick, Wideco, Kreab, Hallvarsson &Halvarsson Affärsvärlden, Nyhetsbyrån Direkt, Nyhetsbyrån SIX,, Dagens Industri, SVD, Veckans Affärer, TV4, SVT, Aktiespararen Sedan tack till alla Partners! Operaterrassen, Cision, Financial Times, Finanstidningen, Börsveckan Fronto, Eframe, Mediamerah, Kamera, Q-brick, Tele 2, Genesys, DM-Kombi, Arkadin, Premiere, Conference Plus Personal och Ägare Per-Erik Holmström Johan Kleis Johan Wallinder Einar Brekkan Joakim Wernersson Fredrik Loven Kaj Eskelinen Taro Nihei Peter Johansson Johan Tamsen Lisa Hammar David Hammarström Hans Emami Per Olsson Martin Bunge Meyer Martti Metso Bo Westerling Magnus Norden Fredrik Klerfelt, Kristoffer Hessedahl, Viktor Lyth, Andrea Kristoffersson, Joel Rasmussen, Viktor Hederos Jesper Frick, Henrik Karnekrans Olof Hedengren, Ägare av Finanstidningen, Mats Arnhög, MGA Ägare av Finanstidningen, Jan Stenbeck, Pelle Törnberg MTG Ägare av Finanstidningen, Peter Benson, Björn Davegård, Johan Bergsgård och Ulf Pettersson Ägare av Börsveckan, Per-Erik Holmström, Johan Kleis, Johan Wallinder ägare HK Investment som idag äger FH

10 Financial Corporate Sports - Financial Hearings and Sports by Per-Erik Holmström Nowadays we talk pretty quietly about corporate sport. However, there were times where it had a more central role for the companies. Who remembers that Atlas Copco had its own Ice Hockey Team until the 50th century. All along the coast of Norrland are examples of how companies has been behind the hockey development. It started mostly by funding arenas and then they recruited players by job-offers. FH has taken various part of two corporate projects. In football, we had the privilege to closely follow the team Cafe Opera which almost reached the premiership in Sweden. The Chef Per Håkansson played and was captain for a number of years. FH was also behind the initiative to the financial market s own ice hockey team, Nordic Vikings, in Asia which became China s best team ever and beat most of the records. In Asia, and especially in Japan, the entire Elite sport is structured as Corporate - causing major problems in times of crisis when the funding stops and the teams are shattered... Fortunately, there are other levels of Corporate sport and at the old Finanstidningen I took hold of the corporate sport and began with the classic Analysts Golf which has now existed for 20 years. The next effort was a floorball team that challenged Dagens Industri in Trygg Hansa s premises - Finanstidningen won and the shame was so great for the DI that they the year after only sent reporter Billing to give Walkover. Ecovision - now SIX - however, took over the floorball and organized the annual tournament where Financial Hearings took part and won the last championship. The Trophy now adorns my living room. Otherwise, it has been all of sporting challenges within our company. In Racket sports we are complete. In stamina sport like bike, old pro Michel Lafis actually was overtaken by the soccer player Kaj Eskelinen, Skiing - Vasaloppet and Alpine, to Running and Lidingöloppet we have done it all. We have Johan Wallinders heroic record of 7:02 in the Turning Torso race in recent memory where he took the record with over 2 minutes. Despite, we are probably most associated with team sports like Hockey and Soccer. In hockey it all started with our Capital Market, through support of Magnus Sondals initiative to Finance Hockey League, FHL, the creation of financial Hockey Team. Financial Soccer was in the news for years when we were invited to the Classic Thin Cup with teams RF SvFF, Sports Company and Legendary Zeros that has won 72 of 80 years. We were long haired boys in the series but has over the years spit us up and been close a few times. The echo of Finance hockey team s spread and the coordinator of Thin Cup Peter Lillis Nordquist each Exchange Broker Club Treasurer, now Chairman called one day and asked for help and our preparedness has always been favorable. FC Café Opera - Soccer Team Lord of Corporate Soccer team that became elite club in less than 5 years with principal owner Catenacci who created this amazing team that went all the way to the Championship. The team played four seasons in the Premier League and were in the top layer. Profiles included the Café Opera Chef and captain Pelle Håkansson, coaches Kjell Jonevret - who later took the DIF to SM Gold and Claes Eriksson - who later took BP to Allsvenskan. Kaj Eskelinen and Johan Wallinder came to the Financial Hearings by Cafe Opera. The team was sold to Väsby when AIK enlisted Sandro and sports director Peter Kisfaloudy. The wires pulled by among others UEFA President Lennart Johansson, who also was in The Main Board. Several players on the team continued in Allsvenskan for other clubs and became Swedish champions. During Financal Championships in Stockholm in 2012 were part of Cafe Opera team and formed together with a bunch of redundant financiers a B team in the Finance Championships, where the team eventually won the final after penalties against Finance Team. Team Captain was Pelle Håkansson and of course there was a Catenacci in the team. Nordic Vikings hockey The story of how the Nordic Vikings, from a dream of an NHL team in Stockholm, become the whole Beijing s hockey and one of the best Asian Hockey Teams with support from the IIHF Directorate Rene Fasel, Shoichi Tomita and Jan Ake Edvinsson. Nordic Vikings consisted largely of Nordic players but in an exchange with the Chinese had to be a mix of players, developed the Chinese hockey. In series finals against Japanese Kokudo they had 7000 spectators and 100 million TV viewers. Swedish- Japanese Taro Nihei, who was one of the pioneers in Asia, also became the first Japanese in a Chinese Team and came to the FH on the road with Peter Johansson. Vikings struggled with multinational giants like Nippon Paper, Oji Paper, Kangwon, and Seibu group with extremely limited funds, but performed during an incredibly arduous season and with incredible results. The whole story can be read in the book Hausse in Beijing - also called Viking little red. In recent years, there have been trips to Asia with a youth team built on a mixture of Nordic players and players with Asian roots. The next generation is already under way and we hope still to be able to participate and fill the gap between Nordic and Asian Hockey.

11 Finance National Teams Finance hockey teams had a decisive role where the initiative for the Financial national team came to socially connect the FHL league. Travel to Linköping and Helsinki grew to a World Tour and an Earth-Around-Traveling in less than 8 days. 2002, Swedish Stockbrokers Club asked for help to get a football team together for the European Championship in Frankfurt. We have three times won both titles, Financial Ice Hockey World Cup and Financial European Soccer Cup, in the same year - most recently in Stockholm in 2012 we became both first and second in the soccer tournament before an astonished European audience. Both the World Cup Hockey tournament and EC tournament has given a deeper insight into the various financial markets, with the seminar approach one day, and games over the weekend. There are a bunch of guys over the years which have helped to win in both sports. It is Anders Westerlund, who indeed decidedly in both sports and Christer Pihl Steel who played a leading role in both sports. Stay Westerling, Mats Hederos Johan Kleis and myself are some others who doubled. In hockey should also be mentioned Peter Mellquist, Magnus Sondal, Anders Alsing, Olle Ekman, Lars Hallstrom, Nicklas Zettergren, Nils Larsson, Owe Andersson, Angelo Morano and Tommy Gustafsson. In soccer there are heroes and personalities in as Robert Söderlund, Anders Haehnel, Johan Eriksson and Peter Nordquist as belonging to the selection committee along with the gaming heroes like Jan Moller, Johan Wallinder, Einar Brekkan Johan Qviberg, Henrik Svensson leading the new generation. Facts about Financial national teams The Swedish national teams is nominated by two different selection boards, which aims to balance the financial expertise, athletic level and distribution in the market. The Team is held together administratively by Financial Hearings. The Soccer Team play every year one Championships in any of Europe s market towns and the Hockey Team plays a World Cup in one of the Financial Cities. The two tournaments are operating in a similar manner where the organizer usually has an informative goal and an athletic tools to reach the target. The goal is to give the finance people of the involved teams a real insight into the organizing city from a purely financial perspective and with a sports base. The form is built on the weekend. Tournaments have been held in London, New York, Beijing, Madrid, Stuttgart, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Riga, Helsinki, Milan, Frankfurt, Gothenburg. Paris, Toronto and Zurich. Financial Hockey National Team Merits is in World Championships 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze. In the news this year, Finance World Cup in Stockholm Financial Soccer Team merits: 5 EM 4 EM Gold Silver Bronze 1 Championship The Financial Team activities - see where there are over 150 financiers who participated in either team. Financial Hearings Championship Team Trophies Analysts Golf Traditionally played the day before Midsummer at Kevinge Golf Club in Gustav IV Adolf spirit. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Spring.. Masters 2011 Henry Alveskog Redeye, Master 2010 Tobias Kaj Carnegie Champion 2009 Jan Bengtsson, Uniflex Champion 2008 Pontus Herin Business Week, 2007 Robert Gärtner Handelsbanken, 2006 Olof Grenmark Handelsbanken 2005 Bjorn Davegårdh, Börsveckan 2004 Tobias Dock & Stefan Andersson, Swedbank, Nordea 2003 Carl-Fredrik Lorenius, Alfred Berg 2002 Martin Sakari, JP Nordiska & Johan Karlström, Handelsbanken Securities 2001 John Hernander, Alfred Berg 2000 Henry Alveskog, Nordic FK 1999 Stefan Sundblom, 1998 Robert Gärtner Swedbank, Handelsbanken 1997 Henry Alveskog, Nordic FK 1996 Peter Engman, OM Stockholm Exchange 1995 Johan Ekwall, Nordbanken 1994 Michael Grundberg, ABG Securities Financial Hearings Golf Champion John Kleis Johan Wallinder FHL Finance Hockey League Celebrated last year its 15th anniversary and Financial Vikings are still involved in fighting at the top. The team who has been in the league since its start 15 years several championships, but was originally a purely mittenlag. The great feat, however, is that they always come to the games. Tunn Cup Soccer Finance Yuppies have several second places over a 15-year play in the league, but are still waiting for that victory Floorball Master Ecovisionens Cup Other Sports From the archives, Racket Sport Masters: Per-Erik Holmstrom (Racketlon) Johan Wallinder (tennis) John Kleis (Squash) Bicycle Master: Kaj Eskelinen, Taro Nihei and in the new Open race Giro d Italia rider Kjell Nilsson * Notably the old elite cyclists Per-Erik Holmstrom and Michel Lafis never have been good enough. Running: Lidingöloppet and Turning Torso undisputed champion, Johan Wallinder Skiing: Vasaloppet John Kleis, once - never again, said Per-Erik Holmstrom, Alpine: Johan Walinder

12 Financial Hearings 20 years and Sports by Per-Erik Holmström Today we will visit the Bandy Final. Friend of order will ask if I leave hockey, but do not worry - I will only take one step backwards in order to run at full speed ahead. Skating is the foundation of our culture because since the Birka epok and the Bandy Final are older than Vasaloppet as well as Swedish Soccer and Ice Hockey Championships. A step back gives a different perspective. Bandy was overtaken by hockey. The shape of the icehockey rink is now common all over the world. Today also the hockey rink - is the base even for both Curling, Figure Skating, and in recent years also Short Track. In Sweden there are about 400 ice rinks but only 5-6 Bandy halls. If we look at it from an international perspective; the difference is even larger and limits is obvious. Despite several attempts to develop the American Football outside the U.S nothing has really succeeded yet even though the Super Bowl is the American sports culture s biggest event. New Friends Arena opens opportunities to Bandy. The sport can give us a Swedish Super Bowl. But as I said - we who will gaze at a more international perspective on skating art realizes that the form needs to build on the hockey rink halls. In these halls is the team-played hockey a powerful symbol of our culture. Some have over the years become a bit upset about our interest in hockey with the words. What has Hockey and IR in common. Yes, I have a lot of opinions about hockey, but above all it is for me the link between sports and business jn the Nordics. Sometimes people mixed my role as event organizer with what I do as an individual. But let us sort things out. My starting point for any business is to do what is fun and profitable and I think above all accomplishments of the ordinary are fun to be there. Great achievements are often performed by people. That s where it starts for me. Within IR hockey started as a fun opportunity to meet some socially activities in a relaxed manner in the business that was relatively inexpensive to implement. When we started with these events, we were almost alone. Today, almost everyone has tried this sport in any sponsorship activity and I think it still would not be impossible to play sponsor-hockey internationally. My personal interest in the funding of the sport, as I said is my base and with it came the interest of the arenas configuration. Sailing in all the glory but you ll forgive me if I do not get high on it. Do not misunderstand me. These guys - and now it is the SCA girls - who go around the world - makes an incredible performance where they in a race all over the oceans risk their lives. Team Sport largely involves business relationships that could lead to common interests and here I have argued for - hockey. From a Nordic perspective the opportunities is in a more practical manner and in Asia especially. There is opportunities that we with our know-how can help the sport development with, which could be a good support to the economy. A completely different track was to catch on to the NHL to create relationships with all American cities. This is a sport where we have traditionally been on a very high minimum level and we have to maintain despite the international competition increases. It is also difficult to copy - ask the Chinese they know.. I think this would give many of our export industries a very cheap and important distribution channel as well as something fun to talk about with customers in those countries. But as I said everyone must be openminded before it really happens... Another important part of this is the use of players, old stars and new, as a resource to fill stadiums. I believe also the old players can help. After a lot of work with a Legends Album, which gave a very good view of the skills of hockey in Sweden, I had the opportunity to do The Honoring of Sven Tumba in Tumba. My squire in the project Ronnie Glysing said: One should honor the people before they die. On the sporting side this was the start of several events in the Legends area. Legends is also a skill that we must learn to exploit better, but it is a completely different track. If you read this album you will find a completely incredible amount of expertise - where we start with the class party... In the job with Financial Hearings, I experience the feeling of excellence every day when I meet people who will speak. Winners or losers is usually measured in the stock price - up or down, but only from a promoter, supervisor or judgments view. For me however the dressing room or backstage has always been a holy place. It starts with that longing for the event and ends in the joy or disappointment afterwards. Finally - I would like to thank the guys in the Financial National Teams, Hockey and Soccer. I have had the privilege to work with friends in the Capital Market with corporate sport at the highest international level as Head of the Financial National Teams in both Soccer and Hockey. We have had many successful days together where we have become World champions and European champions several times and even the same year. Refering to above it is not so bad to advertise for our pond of ducks by sport events, so that s why I have spent the last pages of this album for Corporate Sport...

Företag Datum Tid Års/Extra

Företag Datum Tid Års/Extra Företag Datum Tid Års/Extra 1,618 STRICT AB (publ) 2010-04-08 10:00 extra bolagsstämma Xtranet Gruppen i Stockholm AB (publ) 2010-01-04 14:00 extra bolagsstämma Epicept Corporation 2010-01-07 10:00 extra

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Ballingslöv. Cision. Clas Ohlson. Så läser du tabellen

Ballingslöv. Cision. Clas Ohlson. Så läser du tabellen Så läser du tabellen Kurs 19/6 Betalkurs kl 13 (senaste köpkurs om ingen betalkurs finns). Förändr. 1/1-08 = Kursförändring i procent från årsskiftet till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst. = Utdelning i

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till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst. = Utdelning i procent av kursen. Beräkningen bygger på Privata Affärers utdelningsprognoser.

till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst. = Utdelning i procent av kursen. Beräkningen bygger på Privata Affärers utdelningsprognoser. Så läser du tabellen Kurs 22/2 Betalkurs kl 13 (senaste köpkurs om ingen betalkurs finns). Förändr. 1/1-08 = Kursförändring i procent från årsskiftet till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst. = Utdelning i

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Två steg framåt, ett steg tillbaka

Två steg framåt, ett steg tillbaka Två steg framåt, ett steg tillbaka AllBright-rapporten 2013 sponsras av: AllBright Styrelse: Michaëla Blomquist, Sven Hagströmer, Dilsa Demirbag-Sten, Sophia Bendz, Thérèse Mannheimer, Claes Hemberg VD:

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Så läser du tabellen. Diamyd. Gunnebo Industrier. Lundin Petroleum

Så läser du tabellen. Diamyd. Gunnebo Industrier. Lundin Petroleum Så läser du tabellen Kurs 18/8= Betalkurs kl 13.00 (senaste köpkurs om ingen betalkurs finns). Förändr 1/1-06 = Kursförändring i procent från årsskiftet till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst. = Utdelning

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Så läser du tabellen. Boliden. Billerud. Biophausia

Så läser du tabellen. Boliden. Billerud. Biophausia Så läser du tabellen Kurs 17/11 Betalkurs kl 13.00 (senaste köpkurs om ingen betalkurs finns). Förändr 1/1-06 = Kursförändring i procent från årsskiftet till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst. = Utdelning

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Kurs Förändr Direkt- Nästa Aktie 19/2 1/1-10 avkst. Verksamhet rapport

Kurs Förändr Direkt- Nästa Aktie 19/2 1/1-10 avkst. Verksamhet rapport i aktier i aktier Så läser du tabellen Kurs 19/2 Betalkurs kl 13.15 (senaste köpkurs om ingen betalkurs finns). Förändr. 1/1-10 = Kursförändring i procent från årsskiftet till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst

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Autoliv. Bure. Clas Ohlson. Så läser du tabellen. Aktier i fet stil = Aktuella köpråd Tabellkommentarer: Marcus Hernhag

Autoliv. Bure. Clas Ohlson. Så läser du tabellen. Aktier i fet stil = Aktuella köpråd Tabellkommentarer: Marcus Hernhag Så läser du tabellen Kurs 16/12 Betalkurs kl 13 (senaste köpkurs om ingen betalkurs finns). Förändr. 1/1-08 = Kursförändring i procent från årsskiftet till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst. = Utdelning i

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HELSINGBORGS DAGBLAD. Oro för strålskador

HELSINGBORGS DAGBLAD. Oro för strålskador Bjuv. 13-åring fast efter väpnat rån A31 Höganäs. Konkurs för Bär och Grönt A28 HELSINGBORGS DAGBLAD ONSDAG 16 MARS 2011 vecka 11 Pris 15 kr PREMIÄR FÖR CITYLIV! Helsingborgare tycker till om livet

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Placera i aktier. Vilken aktie är mest köpvärd, just nu?

Placera i aktier. Vilken aktie är mest köpvärd, just nu? Så läser du tabellen Kurs 21/5 Betalkurs kl 14.00 (senaste köpkurs om ingen betalkurs finns). Förändr. 1/1-10 = Kursförändring i procent från årsskiftet till senaste betalkurs. Direktavkst = Utdelning

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Folksams Jämställdhetsindex 2004

Folksams Jämställdhetsindex 2004 Folksams Jämställdhetsindex 2004 2004-06-15 1 Förord Den kvinnliga representationen i svenska börsföretag är i genomsnitt bara 13,5 procent i styrelserna och 9,5 procent i ledningsgrupperna. Av totalt

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Deklarationskurser. Aktier m m 2000 års taxering. A-listan. För uppgift om utdelning på utländsk aktie hänvisas till depåbank.

Deklarationskurser. Aktier m m 2000 års taxering. A-listan. För uppgift om utdelning på utländsk aktie hänvisas till depåbank. Deklarationskurser 2000 Aktier m m 2000 års taxering Information om kurser på räntebärande värdepapper kan erhållas hos banker och värdepappersbolag RIKSSKATTEVERKET Utgiven i samarbete med Svenska Fondhandlareföreningen,

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LO-ledningen kräver att elektrikerna backar

LO-ledningen kräver att elektrikerna backar 4 FREDAG 20 JUNI 2003 Sveriges störste företagsägare. Renaults vd Louis Schweitzer utesluter inte ett utökat ägande i Volvo. SIDAN 5 1,1 (i år + 8,1) SAXINDEX 161,7 Börsen föll tillbaka.

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K E T S VM-Update: Large Cap Mid Cap Small Cap Råvaror Valutor USA-aktier Världsmarknaden

K E T S VM-Update: Large Cap Mid Cap Small Cap Råvaror Valutor USA-aktier Världsmarknaden VM-UPDATE 2 3 Världsmarknaden UPDATE Ett veckobrev från Börs VECKA 26 W O R L D M A R K E T S VM-Update: Large Cap Mid Cap Small Cap Råvaror Valutor USA-aktier Världsmarknaden LARGE CAP: ABB Alfa Laval

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Start Group start no Name Lastname gender Age team name Reg. ID 59 2 Kim Keller Christensen M 45 131024212904-37 1 3 Jessica Fridlund F 28 MIT TOUGH

Start Group start no Name Lastname gender Age team name Reg. ID 59 2 Kim Keller Christensen M 45 131024212904-37 1 3 Jessica Fridlund F 28 MIT TOUGH Start Group start no Name Lastname gender Age team name Reg. ID 59 2 Kim Keller Christensen M 45 131024212904-37 1 3 Jessica Fridlund F 28 MIT TOUGH TEAM 131024213715-15 4 4 Michael Gullander M 34 Anna&Micke

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AllBrightrapporten 2012. En kartläggning av Sveriges bästa och sämsta företag för kvinnor att göra karriär.

AllBrightrapporten 2012. En kartläggning av Sveriges bästa och sämsta företag för kvinnor att göra karriär. AllBrightrapporten 2012. En kartläggning av Sveriges bästa och sämsta företag för kvinnor att göra karriär. AllBright Ansvarig utgivare: Rebecca Lucander Tryck: Digital Printing Network, almö Listan upprättad:

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Färdigbantat: dags för kompetens

Färdigbantat: dags för kompetens Färdigbantat: dags för kompetens AllBrightrapporten, mars 2015 Vd:arna saknar nyckelkompetens Majoriteten av börsbolagen rasar på jämställdhetsstegen. Antalet kvinnor på vd-poster är färre. Andelen bolag

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Organisaton Andel Deltagare

Organisaton Andel Deltagare A Few Våghusgalleriorna Markus Hemmingsson A Few Våghusgalleriorna Johan Moberg AB Carlsson & Åqvist ÖSK Elitfotboll AB Björn Åqvist Actic Actic Christoffer Bengtsson Actic Actic Tobias Johansson Actic

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Finansloppet 2015 startlista Startnummer Förnamn Efternamn Lagnamn Företag Startgrupp Kön 1 Per Sohlberg Add Startgrupp 1 Man 2 Tor Dunér ADN Runners

Finansloppet 2015 startlista Startnummer Förnamn Efternamn Lagnamn Företag Startgrupp Kön 1 Per Sohlberg Add Startgrupp 1 Man 2 Tor Dunér ADN Runners Finansloppet 2015 startlista Startnummer Förnamn Efternamn Lagnamn Företag Startgrupp Kön 1 Per Sohlberg Add Startgrupp 1 Man 2 Tor Dunér ADN Runners ADN Law Advokatfirma KB Startgrupp 1 Man 3 Gustav Holm

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Startnummer Förnamn Efternamn Lagnamn Företag Klass Bransch 1 Johanna Egeborn Aberdeen Aberdeen Asset Management Springa Övrigt 2 Mikael Söderman ADN

Startnummer Förnamn Efternamn Lagnamn Företag Klass Bransch 1 Johanna Egeborn Aberdeen Aberdeen Asset Management Springa Övrigt 2 Mikael Söderman ADN Startnummer Förnamn Efternamn Lagnamn Företag Klass Bransch 1 Johanna Egeborn Aberdeen Aberdeen Asset Management Springa Övrigt 2 Mikael Söderman ADN Athletic Department ADN Law Advokatfirma KB Springa

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Företag väljer bort miljön SIDAN 7

Företag väljer bort miljön SIDAN 7 TORSDAG 10 JUNI 2010 DAGENS NYHETER Ljusa utsikter Politikernas bild av chockhög arbetslöshet bland unga är skev. Många som räknas in är studerande och söker extraknäck. SIDORNA 2 4 Adina Pierrou, 22,

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Startnr Förnamn Efternamn Förening / företag 583 Björn Larsson --- 689 Daniel Andersson 12hundra Produktion 31 Calle Cypriansen Abetong 176 Lars

Startnr Förnamn Efternamn Förening / företag 583 Björn Larsson --- 689 Daniel Andersson 12hundra Produktion 31 Calle Cypriansen Abetong 176 Lars 583 Björn Larsson --- 689 Daniel Andersson 12hundra Produktion 31 Calle Cypriansen Abetong 176 Lars Björk Addilon AB 1081 Per Belander Adecco 1082 Carl Cypriansen Adecco 1379 Elin Faltin Adecco 1382 Sandra

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Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien Verksamhetsberättelse 2009

Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien Verksamhetsberättelse 2009 Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien Verksamhetsberättelse 2009 1 Torvild Aakvaag Bjarne Aamodt Olav Aarna Lars-Eric Aaro Kent Abbås Enno Abel Egil Abrahamsen Erik Agerman Gunnar Agfors Carlos Augusto Lira

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GöteborgsVarvets Seedningslopp 24 mars 2013

GöteborgsVarvets Seedningslopp 24 mars 2013 GöteborgsVarvets Seedningslopp 24 mars 2013 Placering Förnamn Efternamn Förening Ort Tid 1 Carl Wistedt Göteborg 32.06 2 Elias Björnson SpringÅmål Åmål 32.09 3 Eivind Knutsen IK Tjalve Oslo 33.04 4 Chris

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Business Arena stockholm

Business Arena stockholm Business Arena stockholm 16-17 SEPTEMBER 2015 STOCKHOLM WATERFRONT CONGRESS CENTRE PARTNERS STOCKHOLM 2015 PER DEN 14 AUGUSTI Cu be Swedish Association Jonas Aalto Bengt Dahlgren Rami Abiad Manager PwC

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Välkommen till årskonferens 2014. Kulturens hus, luleå 19 20 mars

Välkommen till årskonferens 2014. Kulturens hus, luleå 19 20 mars Välkommen till årskonferens 2014 Kulturens hus, luleå 19 20 mars måltider luncher onsdag 19 mars Gremolatabakad fläskkarré med rostad potatis och skysås torsdag 20 mars Stekt torsk med vitvinssås och kokt

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Deltagarlista mäklarmässan 2013

Deltagarlista mäklarmässan 2013 Deltagarlista mäklarmässan 2013 Namn Företag Ort Mässa Galamiddag Årsmöte Abdi, Georges SkandiaMäklarna Vällingby Vällingby x Abou-Sweid, Lina Malmö Högskola x Abrahamsson, Emelie Högskolan i Gävle x Abrizeh,

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Kalmar Mini Triathlon 2014 14.08.2014 Results Agegroup Women/Men

Kalmar Mini Triathlon 2014 14.08.2014 Results Agegroup Women/Men Agegroup Men YO Position Bib Name Club NAT SWIM (Pl-Swim.) T1 BIKE (Pl-Bike.) T2 RUN (Pl-Run.) Total 1. 249 Andersson, Albin Emmaboda simsällskap SWE 0:07:27 (7.) 0:01:01 0:28:03 (42.) 0:01:06 0:13:51

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Startlista Karnevalsloppet - 2012-06-01 Utskrivet 12-06-01

Startlista Karnevalsloppet - 2012-06-01 Utskrivet 12-06-01 Herrar 8 km 1. Sammy Holm Märsta 2. Per Stålhand Krylbo 3. Jonas Sjögren Avesta 4. Kent Johansson BKFC Märsta 5. Fredrik Retander BKFC Märsta 6. Cristian Olofsson BKFC Märsta 7. Viktor Ranerfors Rembos

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1. Män 10.549 m. Pl Namn År Förening Tid

1. Män 10.549 m. Pl Namn År Förening Tid 1. Män 10.549 m Pl Namn År Förening Tid 1 Johan Modig 77 Pan-Kristianstad 34.27 2 Martin Regborn 92 Hagaby GoIF 35.04 3 Patrik Gustafsson Björkqvist 70 Brittatorp TK 35.24 4 Markus Jönsson 81 Simplicity

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